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Wyc Grousbeck
Wyc Grousbeck

Wyc Grousbeck Bio-Wiki

Wyc Grousbeck is an American entrepreneur who serves as the primary owner and Governor of the Boston Celtics within the National Basketball Association (NBA)


Wyc Grousbeck, born on June 13, 1961, is currently 62 years old as of 2023.

Height and Weight

Wyc Grousbeck’s height is reported to be 1.77 meters (177 centimeters or approximately 5 feet 10 inches), and his weight is mentioned as 84 kilograms (185 pounds).

Grousbeck Wife

Wyc Grousbeck has been happily married to Emilia Fazzalari since January 2017. Emilia Fazzalari is a Michigan native and the co-founder and CEO of Cincoro Tequila. Before Emilia, Wyc Grousbeck was previously married to his first spouse, Corrine Grousbeck. Since their marriage, Wyc and Emilia have been actively involved in philanthropy, supporting various causes, including Mass Eye and Ear.

Wyc Children

He has two children from his previous marriage to Corinne Grousbeck. His two children with Corinne are a daughter named Kelsey and a son named Campbell.


Grousbeck, an American entrepreneur, is the predominant owner and Governor of the Boston Celtics in the National Basketball Association (NBA). Despite initially aspiring to play for local sports teams, he joined a venture capital firm. In 2002, Grousbeck led an investment group that acquired the Boston Celtics for $360 million. Since then, he has been the Lead Owner and Governor, playing a key role in the team’s achievements, including their 2008 NBA championship.

Beyond his contributions to the Celtics, Wyc Grousbeck has actively participated in diverse business ventures. He co-established Continental Cablevision in 1963, which later merged with US West in 1996. Additionally, Grousbeck serves as the Managing Partner at Causeway Media Partners, a private equity firm managing over $340 million, specializing in sports and technology investments.

Grousbeck’s leadership and contributions to the Boston Celtics have earned him recognition, and he remains integral to the team’s operations. Apart from his professional endeavors, he engages in philanthropy, exemplified by his association with organizations like Mass Eye and Ear.


Wyc has garnered recognition and honors for his contributions, both as a sports team owner and a citizen-athlete. In 2020, Wyc Grousbeck, a Princeton University graduate (Class of 1983), was named the recipient of the Class of 1967 PVC Citizen-Athlete Award. This award acknowledges individuals who excel in their professional careers while embodying the qualities of a dedicated athlete and responsible citizen. The Citizen-Athlete Award reflects Grousbeck’s commitment to excellence on and off the court.

Beyond his individual honors, Wyc Grousbeck has been actively involved in ceremonies honoring key figures in the sports world. He has participated in Celtics ceremonies, such as the retirement ceremony for NBA player Paul Pierce, where Grousbeck honored Pierce’s contributions to the team and the sport. Additionally, Celtics ownership, including Wyc Grousbeck, was honored at the Tradition event in 2013, recognizing their significant impact on the Boston Celtics organization.


As of November 2023, assessments suggest that Wyc Grousbeck’s net worth stands at $450 million, signaling the ongoing expansion of his financial holdings. This significant accomplishment underscores his prosperous endeavors in both the business and sports sectors.

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