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Tania Colonna
Tania Colonna

Tania Colonna Biography And Wiki

Tania Colonna is best known as the wife of Glenn Beck, an American conservative political commentator, radio host, and television producer. Born in 1972, she has made a name for herself not just as the spouse of a public figure but also through her professional endeavors. Currently, Tania works for Mercury One, a non-profit charitable organization founded by her husband.


Tania Colonna was born in 1972 in New Haven, Connecticut, United States. She is 52 years old as of 2024.


Colonna is reported to have a height of approximately 5 feet 8 inches.

Education Background

She grew up in her hometown and likely began her education there.

Early Life

Tania Colonna, born in 1972 in New Haven, Connecticut, grew up in a family with strong ties to the local community. Her father, Vincent Colonna, was employed in the insurance industry, and her mother, Mary Ann Colonna, served as a director’s assistant at Yale University. This background provided Tania with a stable and nurturing environment, fostering her growth and development from a young age.


She hails from a family where her father, Vincent Colonna, worked in the insurance sector, and her mother is Mary Ann Colonna.


Tania Colonna is married to Glenn Lee Beck. The pair enjoys a solid relationship and has expanded their family to include four children. Their eldest biological child, Cheyenne Beck, was born in 2006.


Tania Colonna has made significant contributions in her professional life by working at Mercury One, a non-profit charity organization founded by her husband, Glenn Beck. Mercury One is dedicated to providing aid and support through various philanthropic efforts. Tania’s role within the organization, although not detailed in public records, signifies her commitment to charitable work and her involvement in the non-profit sector. Her work at Mercury One aligns with the organization’s mission to restore the human spirit through initiatives that promote education, disaster relief, and human rights.

Tania Colonna
Tania Colonna

Net Worth

Tania Colonna has accumulated a net worth estimated to be over $500,000

Social Media



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