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Sean Levert
Sean Levert

Sean Levert biography

Sean Edward Levert, born on September 28, 1968, in Cleveland, Ohio, was an American singer-songwriter and actor, notably recognized for his membership in the R&B vocal group LeVert. His parents, Eddie Levert, the lead vocalist of The O’Jays, and Martha Levert, provided his musical foundation. Alongside his brother Gerald Levert and childhood friend Marc Gordon, Sean co-founded LeVert in the 1980s, achieving prominence with hits like “Baby I’m Ready,” “(Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop) Goes My Mind,” and “Casanova,” which bolstered his standing in the music industry.

Tragically, Sean Levert’s life ended at the age of 39, succumbing to a combination of health challenges. His battle with high blood pressure, diabetes, and sarcoidosis, exacerbated by the use of multiple prescription medications, contributed to his untimely passing. Furthermore, his brief incarceration due to child support debts added to the complexities surrounding his death. Sean spent a mere six days in Cuyahoga County Jail before his demise, prompting inquiries into the circumstances leading to his tragic end.

Sean Levert’s birthday and death date

Levert was born on September 28, 1968, and he tragically passed away on March 30, 2008, at the age of 39.

Sean Levert’s height and weight

Levert had a height of 1.65m and weighed 78kg.

Sean Levert educational background

Levert did not reveal details about his educational background. We will update this tab once we have the information.

Sean Levert spouse and children

Levert was married to Angela Lowe. Together, they had six children: Shareaun Woods, Keith Potts, Sean Levert Jr., Breoni Levert, Brandon Levert, and Chad Levert.

Sean Levert
Sean Levert

Who are Sean Levert’s parents and siblings?

Levert was the son of Eddie Levert, the lead singer of The O’Jays, and he was born in Cleveland, Ohio. He was the younger brother of singer Gerald Levert.

Sean Levert’s career

Levert, recognized for his roles as a singer-songwriter and actor, notably thrived as a member of the R&B vocal ensemble LeVert. Collaborating with his brother Gerald Levert and childhood companion Marc Gordon, Sean co-founded LeVert during the 1980s. The trio garnered widespread acclaim for their velvety harmonies and chart-topping hits like “Baby I’m Ready,” “(Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop) Goes My Mind,” and “Casanova.”

LeVert’s musical endeavors significantly influenced the R&B landscape, securing numerous #1 R&B singles under Atlantic Records. Sean’s soulful vocal delivery and magnetic stage presence were instrumental in the group’s triumphs. Moreover, he ventured into the realm of acting, gracing the screens in films such as “New Jack City” and “Down in the Delta.”

Throughout his career, Sean Levert remained devoted to his artistic pursuits, consistently crafting music and delighting audiences. Nonetheless, hislife was tragically abbreviated at the age of 39, marred by health complexities and other unfortunate circumstances. Despite his premature departure, Sean’s impact on music and entertainment continues to resonate, cherished and commemorated by admirers worldwide.

Sean Levert’s net worth and salary

He had a net worth of $2.7 million.

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