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Samantha Manning
Samantha Manning

Samantha Manning Biography And Wiki

Samantha Manning is a seasoned journalist known for her work as a Washington Correspondent for Cox Media Group. Her role involves providing detailed coverage of significant national events and political happenings, contributing to various media outlets within the Cox Media Group network. Manning’s work extends across television and digital platforms, highlighting her versatility and commitment to journalism.


Samantha Manning ranges from around 30 years to 35 years as of 2024.


Samantha Manning stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches (approximately 1.68 meters) tall.

Early Life

Manning has an intriguing early life story that highlights her unique beginnings connected to skydiving. Born into a family passionate about skydiving, Samantha’s connection to the sport was established before her birth, as her mother, Susanne “Susy” Manning, continued skydiving while pregnant with her. This unique aspect of her early life signifies a deep-rooted connection to skydiving, emphasizing that it’s “in her blood.” This foundational experience symbolizes Samantha’s adventurous spirit and her family’s influence in shaping her interests from an early age.

Education Background

She got her bachelor’s in Broadcast Journalism from Hofstra University between 2006 and 2009. At Hofstra, Manning learned a lot, gaining the skills needed for a journalism career. Her education at Hofstra was key to her success in journalism, giving her important knowledge and skills.


Samantha Manning’s hobbies include a whimsical interest in magic, as evidenced by her attendance at magic camp for two summers.

Fiancee and Marriage

Samantha Manning is engaged to Jeremy Lisic, with their wedding planned for April 2024.


Samantha Manning is an experienced journalist from the U.S. who has been working in TV reporting for many years. She is currently the Washington Correspondent for the Cox Media Group in Washington D.C., a position she has held since 2019. In this job, Manning reports on major political events in Capitol Hill that impact the Cox Media Group’s audience. She has a history of covering important government actions, analyzing them deeply, and interviewing significant political figures to deliver essential news to people.

Before joining the Cox Media Group, Manning was a reporter and correspondent for WSOC TV in Charlotte, North Carolina. This role gave her valuable journalism experience, improving her investigative reporting, live broadcast, and news writing skills. Her career path shows her strong dedication to honest journalism and her eagerness to reveal the truth.

Manning has worked in various places and covered different topics, including political reporting in Knoxville, Tennessee. There, she reported on the Tennessee General Assembly, proving her skill in dealing with complicated political matters and explaining complex government actions to the public. Her work has been crucial in helping people understand how political decisions affect their lives.

Over her career, Samantha Manning has earned a reputation as a trustworthy news source, especially in political and legislative reporting. She is committed to journalism and consistently works hard to cover important stories of national interest, especially those from the capital.

Samantha Manning
Samantha Manning


Her salary can range from as low as $30,000 to as high as $120,500 annually.

Net Worth

Estimates of her net worth range from as low as $500,000 to as high as $5 million as of 2024.

Social Media


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