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Mattai Jones
Mattai Jones

Mattai Jones Biography And Wiki

Mattai Jones is the son of Van Jones, an American news commentator, author, and lawyer, and his former wife, Jana Carter. Named after Wangari Maathai, a Kenyan environmental and political activist, Mattai embodies qualities of strength and resilience. His father, Van Jones, gained renown as a CNN host and commentator, achieving three New York Times bestsellers and winning an Emmy Award.


His age ranges from around 15 years to 20 years as of


He stands a height of 4 feet and 3 inches tall


Public resources provide limited information about Mattai’s educational background specifically.

Mattai Jones
Mattai Jones Photo


Mattai Jones is the son of Van Jones and Jana Carter. Van Jones is a prominent figure in American media, known for his work as a political commentator, media personality, lawyer, author, and civil rights advocate. He has achieved significant recognition, including being a three-time New York Times bestselling author, a CNN host and contributor, and an Emmy Award winner.


Mattai Jones, Van Jones and Jana Carter’s son, has two siblings: Cabral Jones and a younger sister. Their sister’s name and birth information are kept private due to their dad Van’s belief in careful parenting.


Public information about Mattai Jones’ career is limited, as he is primarily known due to his father, Van Jones, a well-known American news commentator, author, and lawyer.

Who Is Mattai Jones Siblings And Why is he of Public Interest?

Mattai Jones, the eldest child of Van Jones and his former wife, Jana Carter, attracts public interest due to his family background and his parents’ achievements. Born in the United States, Mattai’s name holds significance as a tribute to Wangari Maathai, the Kenyan activist behind the Green Belt Movement, which advocated for tree planting, environmental conservation, and women’s rights. Despite being born into a high-profile family, Mattai’s parents have intentionally kept him out of the media spotlight, leading to undisclosed details about his exact date of birth.

Growing up alongside his brother, Cabral Jones, Mattai leads a private life, with limited information available about either sibling in the public domain. Their parents married in 2005 but divorced in 2019 after 14 years. Van Jones, a prominent American news commentator, author, and lawyer, has prioritized his children’s privacy despite his own fame. While Mattai’s academic journey remains undisclosed, occasional glimpses of his college life emerge through his father’s online posts. He is also said to be active in sports and possess musical talents.

Mattai’ popularity primarily stems from his family ties, particularly his father’s status as a media personality with a significant following. Although Mattai’s personal net worth is not available, his father’s estimated net worth is around $5 million, with an annual salary of $1 million. In essence, Mattai Jones remains a compelling figure due to his unique name, family lineage, and intentional efforts to maintain privacy despite his parents’ fame.

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