Mary Lee Pfeiffer (Tom Cruise Mother) Age, Cause of Death, Children, Husband.

Mary Lee Pfeiffer
Mary Lee Pfeiffer

Mary Lee Pfeiffer Biography

Mary Lee Pfeiffer, born on September 22, 1936, in Jefferson County, Kentucky, was an American educator and the mother of actor Tom Cruise. She peacefully passed away in her sleep in February 2017. Pfeiffer, a special education teacher, was previously married to Thomas Cruise Mapother III, Tom’s father, before their divorce in 1974. She raised Tom and his three sisters, Lee Ann DeVette, Cass Mapother, and Marian Henry, and later married Jack South in 1978.

Mary Lee Pfeiffer’s birthdate

Pfeiffer, also known as Mary Lee Mapother, was born on September 22, 1936, in Jefferson County, Kentucky.

Mary Pfeiffer’s Cause of death

She passed away peacefully in her sleep at the age of 80, having faced health issues in her later years. A memorial ceremony was conducted at her local Church of Scientology to honor her life.

Mary Lee Pfeiffer
Mary Lee Pfeiffer

Mary Lee Pfeiffer’s educational background

Lee Pfeiffer attended Tidewater Community College in Virginia Beach, Virginia, where she graduated magna cum laude with an Associate of Science degree in 1976. Later, she pursued her education at FIU and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1986.

Mary Pfeiffer spouse and children

Pfeiffer, married to Jack South, is the mother of four children: Tom Cruise, born on July 3, 1962; Lee Ann Mapother; Marian Mapother; and Cass Mapother. Although she divorced her first husband, Thomas Cruise Mapother III, she maintained a close bond with her son Tom Cruise. Following her divorce, Mary Lee Pfeiffer remarried Jack South, who became Tom’s stepfather. The exact date of their remarriage is unspecified, but they relocated to Marco Island after tying the knot.

Mary Lee Pfeiffer’s parents and siblings

Her family background reveals that her father, Lee Norbert Pfeiffer, was an electrical engineer, while her mother, Annie M. Shea, worked as a special education teacher. Mary Lee Pfeiffer had several siblings, including Charles Conrad Pfeiffer, Camala Rosella Ramser, Lee Joseph Pfeiffer, Charles Worthigton Pfeiffer, Sue Anna Pfeiffer, and Mary Vernetta Pfeiffer.

Mary Lee Pfeiffer’s career

Lee Pfeiffer, originally from Louisville, Kentucky, played a crucial role in shaping her son Tom Cruise’s passion for acting, despite not pursuing theatre herself. As a special-education teacher in the United States, she dedicated herself to education but never pursued her own interest in theatre professionally. Her nurturing spirit and dedication to education laid the groundwork for Tom Cruise’s artistic journey, with her encouragement ultimately contributing to his remarkable success in Hollywood.

Mary Lee South, formerly Pfeiffer, strongly believed that her son inherited his love for acting from her. When Tom Cruise showed interest in pursuing an acting career, she wholeheartedly supported him and encouraged his participation in high school theatre productions. This unwavering support and their close bond fueled Cruise’s determination and paved the way for his iconic career. Mary Lee South’s legacy endures through her son’s achievements, serving as a testament to the profound impact a mother’s encouragement and belief can have on a child’s life and aspirations.

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