Remembering Leslie Ray Griffith: A Legacy of Journalism Excellence

Leslie Ray Griffith Source: Google
Leslie Ray Griffith Source: Google

Who is Leslie Ray Griffith?

Leslie Ray Griffith was a distinguished American writer and journalist renowned for her impactful career in the San Francisco Bay Area. Originating from Tomball, Texas, she navigated her way through college as a single mother, initiating her journalism journey with positions at the Associated Press and the Denver Post. Her professional trajectory led her to join KTVU in 1986, where she dedicated 22 years of her life as a revered reporter and news anchor.

Griffith’s notable collaboration with Dennis Richmond on the Ten O’Clock News highlighted her distinctive, powerful voice in journalism. Beyond her television work, she contributed to renowned news outlets such as The Huffington Post and the San Francisco Chronicle. Tragically, Griffith passed away in Lake Chapala, Mexico, succumbing to the effects of Lyme disease.

Ray’s date of birth, date of death, and cause of death.

She was born on January 1, 1956, and passed away on August 10, 2022. She passed away in Lake Chapala, Mexico, and had been battling Lyme disease, contracted from a tick bite during her time in Oregon in 2015. The disease ultimately led to her death.

Leslie Ray Griffith’s educational background

Originating from Tomball, Texas, Griffith supported herself through college as a single mother and employed as a cleaner. She, however, did not reveal where she attended primary or high school.

Leslie Ray GriffithSource: Google
Leslie Ray Griffith
Source: Google

Leslie Ray Griffith’s spouse and children

Ray Griffith was wedded to Miles Griffith, and together they had two daughters named Trenton and Carly. The family currently lives in Berkeley, California. After two years of marriage, Leslie and her first husband parted ways. Additionally, she had a son from a previous relationship.

Leslie Ray Griffith’s career

Griffith, an American writer and journalist, had a distinguished career that spanned several decades, starting in the newspaper industry with positions at the Associated Press and The Denver Post. Transitioning to television journalism, she achieved notable success with roles in Grand Junction, Colorado, and the Monterey-Salinas market in California. In 1986, Griffith joined KTVU in Oakland, California, initially as a weekend reporter and anchor, eventually becoming the co-anchor of the Ten O’Clock News alongside Dennis Richmond by March 1996.

Her anchoring responsibilities extended to the sole anchoring of the weekend news for nine years. Beyond anchoring, Griffith reported on significant global events, such as the Cold War, from Moscow on her 25th birthday. After 22 years at KTVU, she left in 2006 but remained active in journalism, contributing to publications like The Huffington Post and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Aside from her journalistic endeavours, Griffith was also an advocate, particularly focusing on issues such as tuberculosis in circus elephants. She wrote about this concern in 2007 and later created the award-winning documentary “When Giants Fall.” Over her career, Griffith received multiple Emmy awards in recognition of her outstanding work. She passed away on August 10, 2022, leaving behind a legacy of journalistic excellence and advocacy.

Leslie Ray Griffith’s net worth and salary

She had a net worth of $2 million.

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