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Lauren Moss

Lauren Moss Biography

Lauren Moss is a diverse name associated with various accomplished individuals across different fields, including politics, journalism, and academia. Notably, Lauren Jane Moss, born on May 6, 1987, is an Australian politician who has made a significant mark in the Northern Territory’s political landscape.


Moss was born on May 6, 1987, making her 36 years old as of 2024.

Height and Weight

Despite the interest in her physical characteristics, specific details about Lauren Moss’s height and weight are not publicly disclosed.

Education Background

Lauren Moss holds a Bachelor of Business degree from Charles Darwin University and Monash University.

Husband and Child

Lauren Moss is married to Jake Lutz. The couple welcomed a baby girl named Evelyn in January 2020. The birth of her daughter Evelyn was a celebrated event, marking a significant moment in her personal life while continuing her dedication to her political career. This personal milestone for Moss and her husband Jake Lutz adds a familial dimension to her public persona, showcasing the blend of professional and personal life that many politicians navigate.

Lauren Moss
Australian politician


Lauren Moss is a politician in Australia who has been working for the Labor Party in the Northern Territory since she won a special election on October 18, 2014. She took over from Kon Vatskalis. Born in the UK on May 6, 1987, she later moved to Australia and got involved in politics. She was the youngest person to join the Northern Territory Parliament when she was elected. She studied at Charles Darwin University and Monash University, which helped her start her political career.

Moss is dedicated to making life better for young people in the Northern Territory. She focuses on building good relationships and planning carefully. During her time in office, she has supported many community issues, showing her commitment to helping others and improving public services.

She has held important roles and has influenced health, education, and environmental policies. Moss is a key leader in the Territory Labor Party and has made a big impact on politics in the Northern Territory.

Her work and efforts in the legislative process show she is committed to progressive and effective governance. Moss continues to play a crucial role in the Northern Territory, making a difference in the lives of its people.


Moss has received awards such as the Excellence in Youth Leadership from the NT Young Achiever Awards and the NT Pride of Australia Young Leader Medal, showing her dedication to leading youth. She also reached the finalist stage for big awards like NT Young Australian of the Year, Darwin City Council Young Citizen of the Year, and The Australian Woman’s Weekly Women of the Future, highlighting her achievements in leadership and growth.

Net Worth

Lauren Moss’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million as of 2024.

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