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Kamahl Santamaria
Kamahl Santamaria

Biography of Kamahl Santamaria Early Life

Kamahl Santamaria, a notable television journalist from New Zealand, was born and raised in Auckland. He comes from a family of Yemeni heritage, with his father’s lineage extending back to the Goa region of India. Santamaria’s early years were spent in Auckland, where he attended Macleans College. During his time there, he stood out as a prominent leader within the school and actively engaged with the community.

Kamahl Santamaria parents and family history

Kamahl Santamaria, hailing from Auckland, New Zealand, has familial ties to Aden, Yemen, the birthplace of his parents. His paternal grandparents originated from Goa, India, and their cultural influence is evident in family names such as de Souza, Pereira, Fernandez, de Costa, among others, which are indicative of Goa’s Portuguese colonial history. Santamaria has spoken about his family’s multicultural heritage, highlighting the significance of his father’s lineage in Goa, India.

He has expressed that this diverse and rich background played a vital role in shaping his upbringing and is an integral part of his cultural identity. It provides him with a unique perspective that he cherishes and aims to pass on the heritage and values of his family to future generations.

Kamahl Santamaria spouse and children

In a revealing interview, Kamahl Santamaria shares details about his family’s diverse and culturally rich life. He mentions that his wife hails from Scotland, which adds an intriguing mix of cultural influences to their household. Despite shedding light on the global connections within his family, Santamaria deliberately chooses not to disclose his wife’s name. This decision reflects his determination to keep certain aspects of his personal life private, even as he discusses their international adventures, including having a daughter born in Qatar and their experiences living in various locations. Through these insights, Santamaria offers a glimpse into the complexities and dynamics of life within their multicultural family.

Kamahl Santamaria
Kamahl Santamaria


Santamaria embarked on his journalism journey shortly after high school in 1998, starting as a news and sports reporter at TV3 in New Zealand. Under the mentorship of seasoned journalists Tony Ciprian and Angus Giles, he quickly gained recognition by delivering nightly sports reports and showcasing his journalistic skills. After making significant contributions to TV3’s flagship news show, Santamaria expanded his horizons by venturing into Australia, where he established and managed Sky News Australia’s Melbourne business office. During this time, he took on various roles as a reporter, producer, and journalist, highlighting his versatility and dedication to high-quality journalism.

In 2005, Santamaria’s career took a significant turn as he joined Al Jazeera English as a correspondent based in Doha, Qatar. He emerged as a prominent figure on the channel, leading coverage on news, current affairs, and overseeing the weekly operating budget. His investigative reporting took him to different parts of the world, covering crucial issues such as the US presidential election and the World Economic Forum in Davos.

However, in April 2022, Santamaria returned to New Zealand and took on the role of a presenter for TVNZ’s network programme Breakfast. Unfortunately, his tenure was short-lived as he abruptly resigned amidst allegations of inappropriate behavior by female employees. This controversy damaged Santamaria’s reputation and raised concerns about TVNZ’s recruitment process.

Apology and Legal Action

After the allegations surfaced, Santamaria issued a public apology, acknowledging that his actions were inappropriate and expressing remorse for the situation. In an effort to clear his reputation and address the allegations, he announced his intention to take legal action against TVNZ. This move demonstrates his determination to seek justice and address the matter through proper channels.

Net worth and salary

Kamahal Santamaria’s net worth stands at $1.8 million.

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