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Jordan Bowen

Jordan Bowen Biography

Jordan Bowen is an accomplished American journalist who has made a significant impact in news reporting. He serves as a reporter at FOX 13 News, a position he has held since July 2018. His career in journalism is marked by dedication and a passion for delivering factual and timely news to the public.

Jordan Age and Birthday

Specific details about his age and birthday are not directly mentioned, suggesting a level of privacy regarding personal information.

Bowen Height and Weight

Jordan stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (approximately 1.75 meters) and weighs around 70 kilograms (approximately 154 pounds).

Education Background

The University of Missouri School of Journalism stands out in Bowen’s educational journey, renowned for its comprehensive training and extensive curriculum. This institution prepares its students for the dynamic and challenging journalism landscape. Bowen’s tenure at the university endowed him with both a theoretical framework for journalism and practical skills through direct field experiences, enhancing his readiness for a professional career.

Marriage and Family

Bowen opts for a private approach when it comes to his personal life, especially regarding his marriage and family. The lack of public information on his marital status or any children stems from his decision to keep his family matters away from public scrutiny.


In July 2018, Jordan Bowen embarked on a significant chapter in his career by joining the FOX 13 News team. His pre-FOX 13 experiences, notably a three-year period at WDTN-TV in Dayton, Ohio, enriched his career with major national coverage. His Ohio tenure included coverage of the Ohio State Fair’s Fireball ride accident and Otto Warmbier’s funeral, emphasizing Bowen’s dedication to significant news stories. The University of Missouri School of Journalism has notably prepared Bowen for his career, underscoring his commitment and expertise in journalism.

Jordan Bowen
American journalist


Since his start at FOX 13 News, Bowen has distinguished himself through his coverage of pivotal events and stories. His achievements are highlighted by his coverage of significant national incidents and his versatility in journalism, demonstrated by his interview and target practice session with the world’s youngest professional knife thrower, aged just 7. These accomplishments underscore Bowen’s contribution to journalism and his pursuit of unique and impactful stories.


Bowen’s salary reflects the diverse range of journalist compensation, potentially spanning from $31,300 to $92,500 annually. This variation accounts for factors such as experience, job complexity, and geographical market influences, indicating the broad spectrum of potential earnings in his field.

Net Worth

As of early 2024, his net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million.

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