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John Lee Bottom
John Lee Bottom

John Lee Bottom Biography And Wiki

John Lee Bottom rose to prominence as a distinguished figure in the public eye, primarily acknowledged for his role as the father of two notable talents: actor Joaquin Phoenix and the late singer and actor River Phoenix.

His influence extended beyond his familial ties, as he played a crucial role in shaping the lives
and careers of his celebrated offspring. Through his guidance and support, John Lee Bottom instilled
values of resilience, dedication, and artistic integrity in Joaquin and River, contributing to their remarkable
success in the entertainment industry. Despite his own pursuits remaining largely out of the spotlight,
John’s impact on his children’s lives was profound, serving as a source of inspiration and mentorship. His
legacy endures through the enduring contributions of Joaquin and the enduring memory of River,
reflecting the indelible mark left by a devoted father on the trajectory of two remarkable talents.

Lee Bottom Death

John Lee Bottom died in 2015 after bravely battling cancer. His death left the Bottom family in deep grief. John Lee Bottom’s tragic demise was a result of an accidental drug overdose. Later in life, he was diagnosed with cancer and battled it for several years.

 John Family

Lee Was Married to Arlyn Phoenix from 1969–1997. Together they had 6 children: Jodean Bottom, River Phoenix, Joaquin Phoenix, Liberty Phoenix, Rain Phoenix, Summer Phoenix


John Lee Bottom Career

When it comes to his professional endeavors, John was primarily acknowledged for his role as the father
of the renowned actor Joaquin Phoenix and the late singer and actor River Phoenix. While his
prominence within his family garnered significant attention, detailed information about his own career
remains elusive, with minimal or no records available online. Despite this lack of public insight into his
professional pursuits, John’s impact and influence on his children’s successful careers in the
entertainment industry are widely recognized. His dedication and support undoubtedly played a crucial
role in shaping the trajectories of Joaquin and River, contributing to their enduring legacies in film and

John Lee Bottom
Lee Bottom Photo

John Lee Bottom Age and birthday

John entered the world on April 5, 1947, in Stanislaus County, California, USA, to parents Robert Merril
Bottom and Beulah Ernestine Ingram. Under the sign of Aries, he proudly held American nationality.

Bottom Height and weight

Regarding his physical attributes, John Lee Bottom stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches and maintains a
weight of around 50 kilograms. He possesses captivating brown eyes complemented by his black hair.
John typically sported a beard, adding to his distinctive appearance. His body measurements were noted
as 36-28-34.

Lee Bottom’s Net worth

John Lee Bottom maintained a private stance on his financial matters, refraining from disclosing his
earnings or net worth to the media. Consequently, there was a lack of public knowledge regarding his
financial status. In contrast, his son Joaquin Phoenix has garnered significant attention for his substantial
net worth, estimated to be around $50 million.

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