Joey Saputo (Canadian Businessman): Age, Height, Education, Hobbies, Family, Career, and Net Worth

Joey Saputo Source: Google
Joey Saputo Source: Google

Joey Saputo biography

Canadian businessman Joey Saputo is widely recognized for his significant impact on the soccer world. He is renowned as the founder and president of the CF Montréal soccer team, which he established in 1992, and also as the owner of Saputo Stadium, named after his family’s dairy products company, Saputo Inc. In addition to his role in Canadian soccer, Saputo serves as the chairman of the Italian football club, Bologna FC 1909.

His professional journey commenced in the family business, Saputo Inc., a dairy processing company established by his father, Lino Saputo, in 1954. Throughout the years, he has assumed various roles within the organization, including president and chief operating officer of the Dairy Products Division for the United States.

Joey Saputo’s age and birthday

He was born Giuseppe Saputo on September 25, 1964 in Canada.

Joey Saputo’s height and weight

He stands at a height of 1.75m and weighs 70kg.

Joey Saputo’s educational background

He has not yet revealed details about his educational background. We will update you once we have this data.

Joey Saputo’s spouse and children

Carmie Saputo is the wife of Joey Saputo. Together, they are parents to four sons.

Joey SaputoSource: Google
Joey Saputo
Source: Google

Joey Saputo parents and siblings

Joey Saputo’s parents are Lino Saputo and Mirella Saputo. He has two siblings: a brother, Lino Jr. Saputo, and a sister, Nadia Saputo. Lino Saputo Sr. is the founder of Saputo Inc., one of the largest dairy processors in the world

Joey Saputo career

Early Career at Saputo Inc.

Joey Saputo embarked on a diverse career across multiple industries. He joined Saputo Inc., a dairy processing company founded by his father, Lino Saputo, in 1954. Starting in 1985, Joey worked his way up within the organization, eventually becoming President and Chief Operating Officer of the Dairy Products Division for the United States in 1990. By January 2004, he assumed the role of Senior Vice President of Commercial and Business Development.

Leadership at CF Montréal

In 1992, Joey Saputo established the CF Montréal soccer team and currently serves as its president. He is also the owner of Saputo Stadium, named in honour of his family’s dairy products company. His leadership has led the club to win three championships, and two Canadian championships, and make it to the finals of the CONCACAF Champions League.

Ownership of Bologna F.C.

As the majority shareholder in a consortium, Joey Saputo played a pivotal role in acquiring the Italian football club Bologna F.C. 1909 on October 15, 2014. Following this acquisition, he was nominated as the upcoming chairman of the club during an extraordinary general meeting on November 17, 2014.

Other Endeavors

Apart from his roles at Saputo Inc. and CF Montréal, Joey Saputo has managed his family’s assets under Jolina Capital. He served as the president of this asset management company from March 2001 to January 2004, showcasing his extensive involvement in various business ventures.

Joey Saputo’s net worth and salary

His father, Lino Saputo has a net worth of $6.6 billion.

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