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Jessica Yellin
Jessica Yellin

Jessica Yellin Biography And Wiki

Jessica Yellin, a seasoned American journalist, gained prominence as the Chief White House Correspondent for CNN from 2011 to 2013.

She initially joined CNN in 2007 as the senior political correspondent, covering the White House, Capitol Hill, and domestic politics. Beyond her journalistic roles, she founded the media platform #NewsNotNoise, delivering
daily news reports on Instagram under @JessicaYellin. Yellin has a rich background in political reporting, having worked for ABC News, CNN as a White House correspondent, and MSNBC as a correspondent and overnight anchor.

Jessica Yellin Age

Jessica Yellin, born Jessica Sage Yellin on February 25, 1971, in Los Angeles, California,
is currently 52 years old as of 2023. She marks her birthday on February 25th each year.

Jessica Yellin Husband

Currently, Yellin is not in a relationship and has chosen to keep details about her romantic
life private. Any information regarding her love affairs has not been disclosed. Rest
assured, we will provide updates in this section as soon as such details become publicly

Jessica Yellin Education

Yellin went to St. Augustine-by-the-Sea Elementary School, which is now part of the
Crossroads Schools for the Arts and Sciences in Santa Monica, California. Subsequently,
she enrolled in The Westlake School for Girls in Los Angeles, where she held the position
of school president. Following her high school graduation, Yellin achieved magna cum
laude honors at Harvard College, where she was also elected as a member of Phi Beta

Jessica Yellin
American journalist Yellin

Jessica Yellin CNN


Jessica Yellin, who joined CNN in August 2007, began as the Capitol Hill correspondent and
later became the Chief White House Correspondent. Notably, she conducted a comprehensive
interview with President Barack Obama during the Democratic Convention, influencing the network’s
coverage. Yellin provided breaking news and analysis on various political figures, including President
Obama, Secretary Clinton, First Lady Michelle Obama, Rahm Emanuel, John Boehner, and Larry
Summers. Before her role as Chief White House Correspondent, she served as the National Political

Correspondent at CNN, covering contested races during the 2008 and 2012 elections. Yellin also
reported on significant policy debates in Washington, particularly focusing on financial regulatory
reform. Before CNN, she worked with ABC, covering politics and culture for World News, Nightline,
and Good Morning America. Yellin began her career as a reporter for WTVT-TV in Tampa, covering
the 2000 recount in Florida, and later worked as a morning anchor at Central Florida News 13.
Additionally, she is an accomplished writer, with her work published in prominent publications such as
The New York Times, Information and Entertainment Monthly, and The Los Angeles Times. Yellin
also served as a writer for George Magazine in Los Angeles.

Jessica Yellin Net worth

Yellin’s net worth is estimated to be around $5 million, primarily derived from her prosperous career in

Why Jessica Yellin Left CNN

Yellin expressed dissatisfaction with her altered roles at the network, starting in August 2013. Despite
being appointed Chief Internal Relations Officer and continuing as a fill-in anchor, she ultimately
resigned in October 2013.

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