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Jesse Watters
Jesse Watters

Jesse Watters Biography And Wiki

Jesse Bailey Watters, born on July 9, 1978, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is an American conservative political commentator and television host on Fox News. He gained prominence through his appearances on the political talk show “The O’Reilly Factor,” where he was known for his man-on-the-street interviews, later featured in his segment “Watters’ World,” which eventually became its show in 2015.

Jesse Watters Education

Jesse Watters pursued his higher education at Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. He graduated from Trinity College in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. Before attending Trinity College, Watters attended the William Penn Charter School in Philadelphia. His educational background laid the foundation for his career in media and commentary, providing him with a solid understanding of historical contexts and critical thinking skills.

Jesse Watters Career

After college, Jesse Watters began his career as a production assistant at Fox News, later moving to the production
staff of “The O’Reilly Factor” in 2003. He made on-air appearances in segments of O’Reilly’s show starting in 2004.
On June 11, 2014, Jesse made his debut on the Fox News show “Outnumbered” and occasionally serves as a guest
co-host. Additionally, on November 20, 2015, he launched his own monthly Fox News show, “Watters’ World.”
Known for his role as an “ambush journalist,” Jesse aims to make his interviews entertaining, stating, “I’m trying to
make the person I’m interviewing fun. We always get away from the interview with all the smiles, mostly, and it’s
always fun to come back and look at the footage and think, ‘Oh, my gosh, what just happened?'”

Jesse Watters
Watters Photo

Jesse Watters Show | The Five

Jesse Watters has hosted the weekly show “Watters’ Universe” since January 2017, airing Saturdays at 8 p.m.
EDT. He became co-host of “The Five” roundtable series in April 2017. Known for his original style, he
interviews compelling guests on “Watters’ World” and conducted an exclusive interview with President
Donald Trump on Air Force One in March 2017. Watters, part of the “The Five” roundtable, addresses,
debates, and debunks news stories, scandals, and daytime issues. He made his on-camera debut in 2003 as
a correspondent for “The O’Reilly Factor,” showcasing his popular man-on-the-street interviews covering
politics, pop culture, and current affairs.

Jesse’s Age

As of 2023, Jesse is 44 years old. Born on July 9, 1978, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, he observes
his birthday is annually on July 9th and falls under the zodiac sign of Cancer.

Jesse Watters Family | Parents| Siblings

Jesse Watters is an American, and his parents are Stephen Watters and Anne Purvis Watters. He has a
sister, but her name is undisclosed. Despite his popularity, Jesse keeps his family and personal life private,
choosing not to divulge many details about them.

Watters Wife | Divorce

Jesse Watters, formerly married to Noelle Inguagiato Watters, shares twin daughters named Sophie and
Ellie with her. Noelle filed for divorce in October 2017 after discovering Jesse’s affair with Emma
DiGiovine, a 25-year-old producer on his show. Watters reported the relationship to Fox News, resulting
in DiGiovine’s job transfer. Despite the controversy, Jesse and Emma continued their relationship, getting
engaged in August 2019 and marrying in December 2019. Watters publicly admitted to cheating on Noelle
with DiGiovine, who worked as an associate producer on his show, Watters World.

Watters and Emma DiGiovine | Wedding

Fox News host Jesse Watters recently shared a photo on Twitter of his wedding to Emma DiGiovine, a
former associate producer with whom he previously admitted to having an affair in 2017. The wedding
took place last month in Naples, Florida. Watters captioned the post on Twitter with, ‘I’m Watters and this
is my wife #loveyou.’ The star-studded event included special guests like Donald Trump Jr., Kimberly Guilfoyle, Eric, and Lara Trump, and was featured on Instagram by Kelly Dodd from The Real
Housewives of Orange County.

Jesse Watters First Wife

Watters, 41, and his ex-wife Noelle Watters, 42, finalized their divorce in March 2019 after a decade of
marriage. They met at Fox, where Jesse worked for Bill O’Reilly’s show, and Noelle worked in advertising and
promotions. The couple, who share twin daughters, divorced following Jesse’s consensual relationship with a staff
member, Emma DiGiovine, whom he later started dating. Fox News was informed, leading to DiGiovine’s job
transfer. Noelle filed for divorce in October 2017, with the split becoming public in March 2018.

Watters Daughters | Children

Jesse and Noella have twin daughters, yet their names remain undisclosed. Jesse, a Fox News star, is
anticipating a baby boy with his new wife Emma, as revealed on his show The Five. The couple shared the joyful
news on social media, announcing the baby’s expected arrival in spring 2021.

Jesse Watters Net Worth

Wattersnet worth is estimated to range between $ 10 million to $ $100 million.

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