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Jason Miles
Jason Miles

Jason Miles Biography

Jason Miles is a renowned American jazz keyboardist, composer, and record producer, born on June 30, 1951. His career is marked by collaborations with legendary musicians such as Miles Davis, Marcus Miller, and Luther Vandross.


Jason Miles was born on June 30, 1951. As of the current date, Jason Miles is 72 years old.


Miles stands at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.78 meters).

Education Background

Jason Miles’s educational background primarily reflects his development and accomplishments in music.


Miles is noted for enjoying golf and attending music events as much as possible.

Wife and Family

Jason Miles is married to Kathy Byalick, a collaboration that extends beyond their personal life into their professional endeavors. Together, they composed “Visionary Path,” a New Age album that features narrations by notable artists such as Diana Krall, Roberta Flack, and F. Murray Abraham. This project showcases their combined talents in music and composition, highlighting their partnership in both marriage and their creative careers.


Jason Miles is a well-known American jazz musician who plays the keyboard, writes music, and produces records. Born in 1951 in Brooklyn, New York, he became famous for working with stars like Miles Davis, Marcus Miller, and Luther Vandross. He’s known for mixing different music styles and adding new ideas to jazz and fusion music. Jason played an important role in creating the album “Tutu” with Miles Davis, which is very important in jazz music. He also made his own music, with albums like “Kind of New” and “Miles to Miles,” showing his wide range of music skills and pushing jazz in new directions. He has won a Grammy Award for his music, which mixes jazz with other types like New Age and fusion. Besides making music, Jason teaches and helps new musicians, showing his love for jazz and encouraging its growth.

Jason Miles
Jason Miles


He has an annual salary of up to $ 350,000 as of 2024.

Net Worth

Jason Miles’ net worth has been estimated to be around $1.5 million as of  2024.

Social Media


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