Eric Spillman (KTLA Reporter) Age, Biography, Spouse, Children, Family, Career Journey, and Net Worth

Eric Spillman
Eric Spillman

Eric Spillman biography

Eric Spillman is a seasoned reporter at KTLA 5, having been part of the station since 1991 as a member of the original crew of the KTLA Morning News. He embarked on his broadcasting career while pursuing his studies at UC Berkeley, majoring in English Language and Literature. Before his tenure at KTLA, Eric held various positions at KBSY-TV, KLAS-TV, and stations in San Luis Obispo and Las Vegas. 

Eric Spillman age and birthday

He was born on April 26, 1962.

Eric Spillman height and weight

He has a height of 1.76 m and weighs 70kg.

Eric Spillman educational background

Eric Spillman’s educational path commenced at Hoover High School in Glendale, where he actively contributed as a writer for the student newspaper and stood out as one of the school’s ten valedictorians. Subsequently, he pursued higher education at the University of California, Berkeley, focusing on English Language and Literature. His ambition to become a reporter took root during high school and persisted throughout his university years at UC Berkeley. Post-graduation, he initially ventured into the radio industry in Sacramento before transitioning to television. Since 1991, Eric has been an integral part of the KTLA team.

Eric Spillman
Eric Spillman

Eric Spillman spouse and children

Spillman is married to Lynne Spiegel Spillman, and together they have two children: a son named Ben Spillman and a daughter named Sarah.

Eric Spillman career

Eric Spillman’s career at KTLA has been marked by a rich tapestry of journalistic achievements and memorable moments. Joining the KTLA Morning News team from its inception in July 1991, Eric’s journey in broadcasting traces back to his university days at UC Berkeley, where he reported news for the student-run radio station, KALX. His initial foray into professional broadcasting involved covering a story about a Berkeley professor who won a Nobel Prize in physics.

After earning a degree in English Literature, Eric kicked off his career at KCBS Radio in San Francisco, initially working as a call screener for an on-air psychologist before transitioning to full-time radio reporting in Sacramento. Subsequently, he broadened his experience by working for television stations in San Luis Obispo and Las Vegas.

In 1991, Eric’s path intersected with KTLA after reading a brief mention in the LA Times about the station launching a morning show. Since then, his journalistic prowess has shone through as he covered a myriad of major news events, ranging from the Rodney King police beating trial, riots, earthquakes, and wildfires to political conventions, elections, sports championships, and natural disasters.

Eric’s approach to journalism emphasizes the importance of forging a strong connection with the audience. This ethos is reflected in his engaging segments, such as visiting families on Thanksgiving morning, distributing flowers on Valentine’s Day, and injecting humor into appropriate situations. Beyond his professional achievements, Eric cherishes his family as his greatest accomplishment, expressing gratitude for his supportive wife, Lynne, and their two adult children, Ben and Sara, who have stood by him through his demanding schedule for over 27 years.

Eric Spillman net worth and salary

He has a net worth of $3 million and receives an annual salary of $120,000.

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