Emma Hernan (Internet Personality) Age, Bio, Career & Net Worth

Emma Hernan
Emma Hernan

Who is Emma Hernan?

Emma Hernan is an American model who turned into a real estate agent and rose to fame as a social media and internet personality. In addition to her real estate pursuits, she serves as the CEO of Emma-Leigh, a frozen food company. She recently joined the cast of the Netflix reality show “Selling Sunset” in its fourth season, alongside Vanessa Villela. Emma’s journey began early, as she began modelling and babysitting at 12 years old.

When was Emma Hernan born?

Hernan was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on December 29, 1991, under the Capricorn zodiac sign.

Emma Hernan height and weight

Standing at a height of 5 feet 10 inches (178 centimeters) and weighing around 121 pounds (55 kilograms), Emma Hernan is an accomplished entrepreneur, reality TV personality, and former model. Her slender and fit physique, combined with her commitment to fitness, adds to her charismatic aura.

Emma Hernan educational background

After finishing her secondary education at Scituate High School, Hernan pursued her college education at the University of Rhode Island, where she graduated successfully.

Emma Hernan
Emma Hernan

Emma Hernan spouse and children

Notably, she has never been married, and there is no record of a husband in her life. Interestingly, Emma has playfully referred to her dog Benny as her “boyfriend” in recent years, showcasing a special bond with her furry companion. In a significant relationship development, Emma was previously engaged to Peter Cornell, a realtor and director at The Oppenheim Group.

Their engagement occurred in 2017 but sadly ended in 2018. Despite the breakup, Emma and Peter have maintained a positive friendship. Their relationship dynamics, including rumors of infidelity, became a central storyline in Season 4 of “Selling Sunset,” adding layers of drama and intrigue to Emma’s personal life. Regarding family, Emma Hernan does not currently have children, as her focus has been primarily on her career and personal development.

Emma Hernan’s parents and siblings

Her upbringing was shaped significantly by the influence of her parents. Her father, Thomas G. Hernan, dedicated himself to a career as a firefighter, instilling in Emma a sense of duty and service. Meanwhile, her mother, Stephanie Hernan, who comes from an accounting background, imparted the value of financial responsibility to Emma from a young age. Emma actively participated in her parents’ business endeavors, fostering a strong work ethic and a keen appreciation for the rewards of hard work.

In addition to her parents, Emma shares a close bond with her three brothers: Alex Hernan, J. Matthew Hernan, and Christopher Hernan. Growing up together in their hometown of Scituate, Massachusetts, they formed a tight-knit unit filled with shared experiences and cherished memories. These familial connections and the challenges they faced as a family have undoubtedly played a pivotal role in shaping Emma’s journey to success, showcasing her resilience and determination to overcome obstacles on her path.

Emma Hernan’s career

Hernan’s journey encompasses a diverse range of accomplishments across multiple industries. Starting her career at a tender age of 12 in the modeling world, Emma quickly rose through the ranks, eventually gracing the renowned runways of Paris after years of dedicated effort. This early success set the stage for her subsequent ventures into other domains. Transitioning from modeling, Emma ventured into the realm of real estate, where she found considerable success as a member of The Oppenheim Group. Her role as a realtor operating on commission likely brought significant financial rewards. Emma’s transition from modeling to real estate demonstrates her versatility and adaptability in pursuing new challenges.

Beyond her real estate endeavors, Hernan’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through her role as the CEO of Emma-Leigh & Co, specializing in frozen foods. Launched in 2020, this venture has likely contributed to her financial success and further solidified her status as a multifaceted entrepreneur. In the realm of entertainment, Hernan gained recognition as a cast member on the popular reality TV show “Selling Sunset,” particularly during its fourth season. Her association with The Oppenheim Group predates her on-screen debut, highlighting her genuine interest and commitment to the real estate industry. Emma’s journey into reality TV has added another dimension to her already diverse career portfolio.

Emma net worth

Her net worth stands at a net worth of $4 million.

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