All You Need to Know About E’Dena Hines [Morgan Freeman Granddaughter], Man Behind Her Death, Age Of Death, Parents, Net Worth

E'Dena Hines
E'Dena Hines

E’Dena Hines Biography And Wiki

E’Dena Hines is the granddaughter of the famous American actor Morgan Freeman, who was killed in August 2015 after being stabbed by her boyfriend Lamar Davenport 25 times. Her boyfriend Lamar stabbed her after being involved in a small argument.

E’Dena Hines Age of Death

Hines was born on 4 March 1982, in Memphis, Tennessee, United States, by the time she faced her death E’Dena was 33 years old. Hines was the granddaughter of Morgan Freeman’s first wife

E’Dena Hines parents

Hines is the daughter of Deena Freeman and Edward Lee Hines. E’Dena Hines was deeply loved by family and friends before her life was brought to a horrific and tragic end by her boyfriend, Lamar Davenport.

E’Dena Hines Man Behind Her Death

The man behind Hines’s death was her boyfriend Lamar Davenport a 33-year-old man. Prosecutors stated that 33-year-old Lamar Davenport stabbed his girlfriend, Hines, multiple times while under the influence of alcohol and drugs in August 2015. During his sentencing hearing on Thursday, Davenport issued an apology and said, “I don’t remember what happened.” Lamarr Davenport. Davenport was convicted of second-degree murder in 2017 and sentenced to 16 years to life in prison. Hines and Davenport had been in a relationship for about two years prior to her death.

E'Dena Hines
 Hines And Lamar Photo

E’Dena Spouse

At her time of death, E’Dena was in a relationship with Lamar. The man behind her death.

Did Hines Have Any Children?

Hines didn’t have any children since she was not yet married.

What caused E’Dena Hines’s death

E’Dena’s death was caused by a knife and she was stabbed by her boyfriend Lamar. Hines was found lying in the street in front of her apartment on West 162nd Street. Hines sustained numerous stab wounds to the chest and was later pronounced dead at Harlem Hospital. On the night of the murder, Davenport and Hines were arguing in Hines’ apartment in Manhattan.

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