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Don Tollefson
Don Tollefson

Don Tollefson biography

Don Tollefson, a former Philadelphia sportscaster, witnessed iconic moments like the Phillies’ World Series win. He transitioned to FOX later in his career, but his reputation was marred by a fraud conviction related to a sports experience charity. Following prison time, he now focuses on helping others through his ministry.

When was Don Tollefson born?

Tollefson was born on September 12, 1952.

Don Tollefson’s height and weight

He has a height of 1.7m and weighs 70kg.

Don Tollefson’s educational background

He attended Menlo School, where he graduated magna cum laude.

Don Tollefson’s spouse and children

Tollefson married Heidi Schaffer Tollefson in 2020.

Don Tollefson parents and siblings

Tollefson, born in San Francisco in 1952, is the youngest of two sons in his family. He has an older brother named Arthur Tollefson. During his childhood, Tollefson’s parents separated when he was young.

Don Tollefson
Don Tollefson

Don Tollefson career

From Sportscasting Heights to Fallen Star

Don Tollefson’s story is a complex one, marked by both professional success and a later downfall.

Early Years and Philadelphia Sports (1970sā€“1990s):

Don Tollefson’s career began on a high note. He secured a coveted position as a sportscaster for WPVI-TV, the Philadelphia ABC affiliate, from 1975 to 1990. This period coincided with some of Philadelphia’s most cherished sports moments, including the Phillies’ 1980 World Series victory and the Eagles’ 1980 run to the NFC Championship. Don, with his microphone in hand, became a familiar face for Philadelphia sports fans, witnessing and reporting on these historic events. His sportscasting skills and passion for the local teams likely contributed to his popularity and established him as a prominent figure in the Philadelphia sports scene.

Broadening Horizons: FOX and National Exposure (1990s)

In the 1990s, Don Tollefson transitioned to WTXF-TV, the Philadelphia FOX affiliate. This move demonstrated his adaptability and willingness to explore new opportunities. Further expanding his national presence, he also held the position of sideline reporter for FOX’s national NFL broadcasts for a brief period. Additionally, he hosted a radio show on ESPN Radio 950 AM, showcasing his versatility and ability to connect with audiences on different platforms.

Downfall and Conviction (2010s):

Unfortunately, Don Tollefson’s promising career took a drastic turn in 2015. He was convicted of fraud and theft charges stemming from his charity, “Winning Ways.” This organization promised fans sports-themed experiences, but prosecutors revealed that Don had pocketed the money from over 200 people without delivering. This incident shattered the trust he had built with fans and tarnished his reputation. He served 14 months in prison for his actions.

Life After Conviction (2010-Present):

Since his release from prison, Don Tollefson has expressed remorse for his actions. He has dedicated himself to helping others through his ministry, “Overcome Thyself Ministries.” This shift in focus suggests a desire to make amends and contribute positively to society.


Don Tollefson’s career serves as a cautionary tale. His early success as a sportscaster is overshadowed by his later conviction. The story highlights the importance of integrity and ethical conduct, especially for public figures.

Don Tollefson net worth and salary

He has a net worth of $1 million.

Don Tollefson social media




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