Who Is Dominic Seagal? (Actor, Steven Seagal’s son) Bio, Age, Height and Weight, Education, Marriage, Children, Career, Achievements, Salary, Net-Worth, Social Media

Dominic Seagal
Dominic Seagal

Dominic Seagal Biography And Wiki

Born on June 21, 1990, in California, United States, Dominic Seagal is a widely recognized American actor and celebrity. His fame stems from being the son of esteemed actors Steven Seagal and Kelly LeBrock. Raised in a household immersed in the entertainment world, Dominic was brought up by parents who were revered figures in Hollywood.

Dominic Seagal Age And Birthday

Seagal’s birth occurred on June 21, 1990, in California, United States.

D. Seagal Height And Weight

He has a height of 1.7m and weighs 80kg.

Dominic Seagal Education Background

Dominic spent most of his formative years in the United States, where he completed his primary and secondary education. Throughout his high school tenure, he immersed himself in the school’s drama club, wholeheartedly engaging in numerous plays and drama competitions.

Dominic Seagal
Dominic Seagal

Seagal Wife And Children

Dominic Seagal maintains a low profile regarding his personal life, keeping it away from the public eye. Consequently, there is no publicly available information regarding his marital status or whether he has children. This section is currently under review, and any updates regarding his wife or children will be provided once they become available.

D. Seagal Family, Parents, Siblings

Seagal was born and raised in California, United States, by his parents, actor Steven Seagal and actress Kelly LeBrock. Steven Seagal is a versatile figure in the entertainment industry, renowned for his roles as an actor, producer, screenwriter, martial artist, and singer. He made his acting debut in 1988 in the film “Above the Law.”

Kelly LeBrock, Dominic’s mother, is a British-American actress and model who began her acting career in 1984 with “The Woman in Red.” She also appeared alongside Steven Seagal in films such as “Weird Science” (1985) and “Hard to Kill” (1990).

Dominic shares a blood relation with two sisters, Arissa LeBrock and Annalise Seagal. Additionally, he has half-brothers named Kunzang Seagal and Kentaro Seagal, as well as half-sisters named Ayako Fujitani and Savannah Seagal. Steven Seagal and Kelly LeBrock exchanged vows in September 1987, but their marriage ended in 1994. Despite their separation, Dominic maintains connections with both sides of his family.

Seagal Career

Dominic Seagal, son of esteemed actors Steven Seagal and Kelly LeBrock, has ventured into the entertainment industry, though without attaining notable success. Despite being born into a family deeply entrenched in acting, Dominic opted to carve out his own path rather than directly following in his parents’ footsteps. Throughout his youth, he displayed a keen interest in acting, actively participating in his high school’s drama club and taking part in various theatrical productions. However, following the completion of both high school and college, he appeared to veer away from pursuing acting as a primary career. In his professional journey, Dominic has made appearances in several television series and short films. Although details regarding his specific roles and projects are not extensively documented, his involvement in the entertainment industry reflects his ongoing engagement with the field, albeit without attaining the same level of prominence as his parents.

Seagal Net Worth

He has a net worth of $2 million.

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