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Danielle Lama
Danielle Lama

Danielle Lama Biograpby And Wiki

Danielle Lama is an acclaimed American journalist known for her outstanding work in the field of news reporting. Currently, she holds a position at WOFL, Channel 35, which is affiliated with FOX, as a news reporter. Lama has earned recognition for her excellence in journalism, including nominations for an Emmy and awards from the Associated Press (AP).

Age and Birthday

Lama’s exact age and birthday are not publicly disclosed, making it challenging to provide specific details about her birth date. Born in New York, United States of America, she has kept personal details such as her age and birthday away from the public eye.

Height and Weight

Danielle Lama stands at about 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 meters), choosing to keep her weight and detailed body measurements confidential, indicating her preference for maintaining personal privacy.

Education Background

Danielle Lama embarked on her higher education journey at the University of Maryland, College Park, immersing herself in the Philip Merrill College of Journalism. Her commitment and passion for journalism shone through early on. Known for its challenging curriculum, the college undoubtedly provided Danielle with a comprehensive education, equipping her well for the demands and responsibilities of a journalism career.

Husband and Children

Danielle Lama prefers to keep details of her personal life, including information about her husband and children, under wraps. This discretion highlights her career-focused approach, prioritizing professional achievements over public revelations of her private life.


Danielle Lama quickly made her mark in broadcast journalism after graduating from the University of Maryland, securing accolades like an Emmy and awards from the Associated Press. Before joining FOX 35 Orlando, WOLF-TV, in November 2016, she gained extensive experience and recognition in newsrooms across the U.S.

At FOX 35, her reporting stood out for its integrity and precision. Before Orlando, she honed her journalistic talents in Louisville, Kentucky, reflecting her adaptability and commitment. Lama’s career also extends into media relations and public affairs, showcasing her broad skills in journalism. Her recent move to Orlando Health as a Media Relations & Public Affairs Manager leverages her journalistic and communication expertise effectively.

Transitioning from an Emmy-winning journalist to a media relations manager, Lama displays her versatile skills and adaptability, confirming her as a multifaceted professional in both journalism and public relations.

Danielle Lama
American journalist


Danielle Lama’s journalism career boasts notable accomplishments, including a Kentucky AP Award for “Heroin Hell” and an Emmy. These honors underscore her investigative journalism prowess and her commitment to delivering impactful stories.


Danielle Lama’s salary varies significantly, ranging from $20,000 to $110,500 annually. This variation reflects the broad pay spectrum in journalism, especially for roles at major outlets like FOX 35 in Orlando.

Net Worth

With estimates of her net worth ranging between $500,000 and $5 million, Danielle Lama’s successful journalism career, possibly augmented by other ventures or investments, significantly contributes to her financial standing. Her long-standing career, prominent role at a leading news station, and professional reputation are key to her financial success.

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