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Courtney Jorgensen
Courtney Jorgensen

Courtney Jorgensen Biography And Wiki

Courtney Jorgensen is an American meteorologist known for her role at WNDU-TV, where she has significantly contributed to weather forecasting and broadcasting. Since joining the 16 News Now Weather Team in November 2017, she has built a reputation for delivering accurate weather forecasts and has also taken on the role of Communications Coordinator and $5K Director.


Her age is not available or specified as of the current date.


Courtney Jorgensen stands approximately at a height of 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Education Background

Jorgensen has a strong education history, starting with her top graduation from Wayne Memorial High School in 1999. She then went to the University of Michigan, where she got better at her skills and learned a lot. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Science in 2003, focusing on her interest in weather studies. She didn’t stop with a bachelor’s degree and got a master’s degree in the same area in 2004 from the same university. This higher degree made her an expert, ready for a successful career in meteorology.


Courtney Jorgensen is married, but she prefers to keep the details of her marriage and her husband’s identity private.


Courtney Jorgensen has had a successful career in weather reporting and TV. After getting her degree in Atmospheric Science, she started forecasting weather at her college’s TV station. This early experience sparked her career in the field.

Now, she has been working at WNDU-TV as a meteorologist since November 2017, where she forecasts weather and teaches the community about the atmosphere. Her job at WNDU-TV shows her dedication to keeping the public informed about weather changes.

Besides forecasting, Courtney also works as a Communications Coordinator and $5K Director, showing she can handle different tasks and wants to do more than just her main job.

Her career shows her scientific knowledge and ability to connect with people. Courtney’s passion and hard work in weather and TV have earned her respect in her field.

Courtney Jorgensen
Courtney Jorgensen


Jorgensen has received several honors and recognitions throughout her career and academic journey. Her LinkedIn profile mentions her achievement of a Master’s degree with the Dean’s Honour, highlighting her academic excellence. Furthermore, as an Associate English Language Instructor, Courtney was awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award by the University of Central Florida, showcasing her commitment and skill in teaching.


Courtney Jorgensen, as a meteorologist at WNDU, earns an average annual salary ranging between $42,540 and $110,500. This variation in salary reflects the range typical for meteorologists in the industry, depending on factors such as experience, location, and specific role responsibilities.

Net Worth

She has an estimated net worth ranging between $1 Million – $5 Million, which she has accumulated through her career as a journalist.

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