Coffey Anderson (American Singer-Songwriter) Bio, Age, Height, Education, Parents, Spouse, Salary, Net Worth

Coffey Anderson Source: Google
Coffey Anderson Source: Google

Coffey Anderson Biography

Coffey Anderson is an American country singer-songwriter and internet personality. His claim to fame came from his YouTube videos, where he reimagined mainstream songs with Christian themes. In 2008, Anderson showcased his talent on Nashville Star. His eponymous album, “Coffey Anderson,” was released on September 28, 2010, and debuted on the Billboard 200 chart at No. 134. With a total of eleven albums under his belt, Anderson has produced five general albums: “Southern Man” (2008), “Me and You” (2008), “Coffey Anderson” (2010), “Boots & Jeans” (2012), “This Is Me” (2016), and “Country Style” (2018), while the others are rooted in his faith as Christian albums. Additionally, he established his independent label, Coffey Global LLC, and has been actively touring.

Coffey Anderson’s age and birthday

He was born on December 15, 1978, in Bangs, Texas.

Coffey Anderson’s height and weight

Coffey Anderson’s height is 6 feet 5 inches, and he weighs around 155 pounds.

Anderson educational background

Coffey Anderson grew up in Bangs, Texas. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in Ministry from Howard Payne University (HPU), where he was also a standout basketball player, earning recognition as a second-class All-American for the HPU Yellow Jackets team from 1999 to 2002.

Coffey AndersonSource: Google
Coffey Anderson
Source: Google

Coffey Anderson spouse and children

Anderson is wedded to Criscilla Anderson, a professional dancer and choreographer. They first encountered each other at a church in 2008 and exchanged vows on February 14, 2009. Their family includes three children: a son named Ethan Anderson, and two daughters named Emmarie Grace-Gloria Anderson and Everleigh Anderson. Unfortunately, Criscilla faced a diagnosis of stage 4 colon cancer in September 2018. Nevertheless, despite their challenges, they persist in creating moments of joy together.

Coffey Anderson parents and siblings

Anderson was born into a Christian family and is biracial, being the son of a white Cajun father named Stanley Anderson and a black Creole mother. His father worked as a corrections officer in a local jail, while his mother was a junior high English teacher. Unfortunately, Coffey’s mother passed away after battling cancer. He has one sister named Kimberly Anderson.

Coffey Anderson career

His journey into the music scene began with creating YouTube videos covering popular songs and showcasing his original compositions. What set him apart was his innovative approach to infusing Christian themes into mainstream music, which garnered him significant recognition.

In 2008, Anderson gained further exposure by participating in the television program Nashville Star. His self-titled album, “Coffey Anderson,” which debuted on September 28, 2010, made an impressive entry onto the Billboard 200 chart, securing the 134th position. With a total of eleven albums to his credit, five of them fall under the general category, including “Southern Man” (2008), “Me and You” (2008), “Coffey Anderson” (2010), “Boots & Jeans” (2012), “This Is Me” (2016), and “Country Style” (2018), while the remainder are faith-based Christian albums.

Anderson’s musical repertoire encompasses a wide range of genres, such as pop, country, and Christian music. Some of his most popular YouTube creations include original compositions like “Memphis,” “Southern Man,” “Rock and Roll Sally,” “Can I?,” and “Better Today.” Anderson is not just limited to his recordings; he is also known for his engaging and interactive stage performances, further solidifying his presence in the music industry.

Beyond his musical endeavours, Anderson has carved out a niche for himself as a prominent figure in the online sphere, particularly within Direct-to-Fan networks within the music community. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish his independent label, Coffey Global LLC, through which he actively engages in extensive touring and connects with his fanbase on a personal level.

Coffey Anderson net worth and salary

He has a net worth of $2 million and receives an annual salary of $180,000.

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