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Charley Belcher
Charley Belcher

Charley Belcher Biography And Wiki

Charley Belcher is an American journalist and a familiar face on Fox 13 News, Tampa Bay, where he serves as a feature reporter. Known for his dynamic storytelling and engaging personality, Belcher has become a staple of morning television on “Good Day Tampa Bay.” His segments, which are broadcast Monday through Friday mornings, often explore the local community, highlighting unique stories, businesses, and events that define the Tampa Bay area.

Age and Birthday

Born on November 22, in Fort Myers, Florida, Charley celebrates his birthday every year under the Scorpio zodiac sign.

Height and Weight

Charley Belcher stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (approximately 1.7 meters) tall.

Education Background

Charley Belcher’s journey through education laid the foundation for his acclaimed career in journalism. He hails from Ft. Myers and grew up near Pasco County, Florida, before attending Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. There, he earned a broadcasting degree, equipping him with the vital skills and knowledge crucial for his rise in the competitive field of journalism. His time at Appalachian State not only provided him with a formal education but also profoundly shaped his storytelling and reporting skills. This educational experience has been crucial in enabling Charley to connect with his audience and offer thorough coverage on a wide range of topics with both insight and empathy.

Family and Marriage

Charley Belcher’s marriage to Lindsay Belcher has been filled with joy since their wedding on June 5, 2009, in the picturesque Largo Botanical Garden in Florida. Their family has grown to include two daughters, Rose Belcher being one of them, bringing further joy and fulfillment to their lives. Charley frequently shares glimpses of his family and married life on social media, offering insights into his life beyond journalism. His wife and daughters play a pivotal role in his support system, demonstrating the perfect balance between his professional and personal life. Furthermore, during challenging times, such as his skin cancer diagnosis, the steadfast support of his family has been evident.

Charley Belcher
American journalist


Charley Belcher has distinguished himself in the journalism field with his unique ability to tell stories, securing three Emmy Awards in the process. His career before joining Fox 13 saw him refining his reporting skills across various news stations, adding a wealth of experience to his role. He has committed himself to covering a broad spectrum of stories, from local community events to deep human interest stories.

Beyond standard news reporting, Belcher actively participates in community events and spotlights local businesses and personalities in the Tampa Bay area. His engaging style and genuine interest in people’s stories have endeared him to his audience. Charley has also leveraged social media and other platforms to broaden his reach, sharing personal insights and stories that matter to him.

Moreover, his battle with skin cancer and his openness about the experience has touched many. By highlighting the importance of health awareness, he has further cemented his relationship with his audience. Charley Belcher’s career stands as a testament to his dedication to journalism and his effort to make a meaningful impact in his community through his work.


Charley Belcher, a celebrated American journalist, has earned several prestigious awards and recognitions throughout his career, including three Emmy Awards. These accolades highlight his superior storytelling and reporting capabilities, demonstrating his ability to captivate audiences and contribute significantly to journalism, especially in feature reporting.

His educational background at Appalachian State University was instrumental in kickstarting his successful career, which flourished after stints at various news outlets, culminating in a key role at Fox 13 News in Tampa Bay. Beyond his Emmy victories, Belcher is renowned for his compelling stories that often shine a light on community matters, entertainment, and human interest segments, securing his popularity among viewers and colleagues.

Additionally, his proactive stance on his skin cancer diagnosis has inspired many, enhancing his reputation not just as a journalist but also as a community influencer. By sharing his health journey, Belcher has played a crucial role in raising health awareness, extending his influence beyond journalism to include public service and community awareness.


Charley Belcher’s annual earnings are estimated to be between $31,300 and $92,500. This range reflects various factors, including his experience, position at the station, the market’s size, and the details of his contract negotiations, contributing to the variation in his salary.

Net Worth

His estimated net worth varies between $500,000 and $5 million according to the latest evaluations. This impressive net worth results from his long-standing career in broadcasting, through which he has secured a consistent income and likely gained additional financial advantages from investments and business endeavors linked to his field of work.

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