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Bryan Danielson
Bryan Danielson

Bryan Danielson Biography

Bryan Lloyd Danielson, born on May 22, 1981, in Aberdeen, Washington, is a highly regarded American professional wrestler. He is currently signed with All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where he performs under his real name. Known for his exceptional technical skills and passionate in-ring performances, Danielson has achieved significant success in various wrestling promotions around the world, most notably in WWE under the ring name Daniel Bryan.


Bryan Lloyd Danielson, born on May 22, 1981, in Aberdeen, Washington, United States, is 42 years old.

Height and Weight

He stands at a height of 5 feet and 9 inches tall and weighs at 96 kg.


Danielson went to Aberdeen High School and then to Grays Harbor College. While in school, he was already interested in wrestling, which led him to start training to become a professional wrestler. After high school, he got more serious about wrestling and joined the Texas Wrestling Academy, run by Shawn Michaels. There, he learned a lot from Michaels and William Regal, which helped shape his wrestling style.


Bryan enjoys gardening, finding it a calm break from his tough, famous job. It helps him relax and feel close to nature. Also, a past WWE coworker shared that Danielson likes to dig for clams as another hobby.


Bryan Danielson, famous in the wrestling world, was born to Donald Orrin “Buddy” Danielson, a lumberjack, and Darlene Jean Danielson, a therapist.


Danielson is famous for wrestling and has a big, caring family. He has an older sister named Billie Sue and other siblings called Kelly Marlene Sutera, Jason Brown, and Jeri Ann Nagala.

Bryan Danielson
Bryan Danielson photo


Brie Bella, whose real name is Brianna Danielson, met her husband Bryan Danielson, a famous wrestler, at WWE. They got married in 2014 after getting engaged the previous year. They have two kids, Birdie and Buddy. The TV show “Total Bellas” has showcased their life together. Before, Brie was a wrestler and TV star with her twin sister, Nikki, known as The Bella Twins.


Bryan Danielson, a well-known wrestler from America, started his career in 1999 on smaller wrestling shows. His skill got him a deal with the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE) for 18 months, making him a star there. Wrestling as Daniel Bryan, he won many championships in WWE. In 2016, health issues forced him to stop wrestling, but he came back to the sport later. In 2021, he joined All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where he kept proving his talent through big matches and rivalries, adding to his impressive wrestling career.

Honors and Achievements

Daniel Bryan in WWE, is a highly successful professional wrestler. He has won the WWE Championship three times, the World Heavyweight Championship once, and has also held the United States, Intercontinental, and WWE Tag Team Championships with Kane in Team Hell No. Before WWE, he won the FIP Heavyweight Championship in 2006.


Bryan Danielson earns recognition for his tough and persistent nature. He is well-known for saying, “I am not the biggest, I am not the strongest, but I am Damn sure the toughest!” This phrase highlights his strong will and has become a key part of his wrestling identity.

Salary and Net worth

Danielson’s annual salary from WWE stands at approximately $2 million, with his net worth estimated to be $13 million as of 2024.

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