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Brooke Katz
Brooke Katz

Brooke Katz Biography And Wiki

Brooke Katz, a renowned American journalist, anchor, and reporter, currently serves as a weekend anchor
and reporter for CBS 11 in Dallas, Texas. Prior to her role at CBS 11, she held positions at DFW in
Charlotte, North Carolina, and has been actively involved in supporting The Children’s Tumor
Foundation, contributing to research on Neurofibromatosis.

Brooke embarked on her journalism journey in 2007 as a Sales Development Coordinator at WCBD-
TV, later transitioning to the role of a news reporter and producer from July 2008 to November 2010.

Subsequently, she expanded her expertise at WHAS-TV, serving as an anchor for Good Morning
Kentuckiana and handling traffic updates.

In May 2015, Brooke joined WCNC-TV, working as a news anchor for morning and noon updates
while also providing traffic reports. By March 2017, she assumed the roles of Noon and 4 p.m. news
anchor at the station.

Beyond her journalistic pursuits, Katz is a skilled aerobics trainer, having taught the sport since the age
of 17. With four years of experience as a personal trainer at the East Shore Athletic Club, she
demonstrates versatility in her professional endeavors.

From August 2003 to December 2005, Brooke contributed to Students Health Advocates Developing
Educational Scenarios (SHADES), where she played a role as an actor. In this capacity, she actively
participated in writing, directing, and acting out scenes for students and external organizations.

Brooke Katz Age

Brooke Katz’s age is 40 as of 2023, with her birthdate being January 17, 1983, in South Carolina, USA.
She annually celebrates her birthday on January 17th.

Brooke Katz Height

Katz is noted for her stature, standing at an approximate height of 5 feet 1 inch. This distinctive aspect of
her physical appearance adds to her unique presence, showcasing her individuality and contributing to her
overall persona. Her height, while modest, does not diminish the impact of her talent and capabilities, as
she continues to make a noteworthy mark in her respective field.

Brooke Katz
American journalist

Brooke Katz Husband

Brooke is currently unmarried, but she is romantically involved with Dan Fabrizio. She shared a
Valentine’s Day picture featuring him on her social media, indicating their relationship. However, further
details about her current romantic life are not currently available. Rest assured, we commit to providing
updates as soon as additional information becomes known.
Brooke Katz Family
Katz has kept information about her family private, with the only glimpse being a picture she shared on
her Instagram account featuring her mother. Details about her parents and siblings remain scarce, and we
are actively working to gather more information to keep you informed and up-to-date.

Brooke Katz Children

As of the present, Katz is not in a marital relationship and is also not associated with any children. Her
current personal status reflects a focus on her individual pursuits and professional endeavors. This absence
of familial commitments provides her with the freedom to dedicate herself to various aspects of her life,
career, and personal growth. Katz’s decision to not be married or have children at this time aligns with her
current priorities, allowing her to navigate life with flexibility and pursue her goals with undivided

Brooke Katz Education

In 2006, Katz completed her undergraduate studies, earning a Bachelor’s degree from Rutgers
University in New Jersey. Furthermore, she has obtained a certificate in criminology, showcasing her
commitment to acquiring additional expertise in her field of study.

Brooke Katz Net Worth | Salary

Brooke Katz possesses a net worth of approximately $1 million, accumulated through a successful career.
Initially earning as an aerobics trainer with session rates ranging from $70 to $135, her financial standing
has grown. Currently, working at WCNC-TV, she receives an estimated annual salary of $58,624.

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