Bill Winston (American Televangelist and Preacher) Age, Ministries, Career, Teachings & Net Worth

Dr. Bill Winston
Dr. Bill Winston

Who is Bill Winston?

Bill Winston, also known as Dr. Bill Winston, is an American televangelist, preacher, author, and entrepreneur. He founded and leads Living Word Christian Center, a non-denominational church in Forest Park, Illinois, with a congregation of over 22,000 members. Through Bill Winston Ministries, his teachings, writings, and weekly broadcasts on Believer’s Walk of Faith reach a global audience. 

Bill Winston’s age and birthday, birthplace and zodiac sign.

Winston was born on May 6, 1943, in Tuskegee, Alabama, USA. In 2023, he turned 80 and is a Taurus according to his zodiac sign.

Bill Winston height and weight

He stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches and weighs 68kg.

Bill educational background

Winston, originally from Tuskegee, Alabama, was deeply influenced by the educators, scientists, and physicians in his community during his youth, as well as the achievements of the Tuskegee Airmen. He excelled academically and in leadership, graduating from Tuskegee Institute (now Tuskegee University) in 1967. Following graduation, Winston joined the US Air Force, serving as a fighter pilot during the Vietnam War and receiving the Distinguished Flying Cross for his bravery during his six years of service.

Dr. Bill Winston
Dr. Bill Winston

Bill Winston spouse and children

Winston married Veronica Irene Brown, a teacher, preacher, and leader at Living Word Christian Center. They met while both working at IBM Corporation, marrying in 1983. Together, they have three children named Melody Winston, Allegra Winston, and David Winston. The couple is also delighted to be grandparents to eight grandchildren.

Bill Winston’s parents and siblings

Winston, originally from Tuskegee, Alabama, was inspired by the Tuskegee Airmen and local aviators. He has however not yet disclosed details about his parents or siblings, if any.

Bill Winston’s career

Dr. Bill Winston, a prominent American televangelist, preacher, author, and entrepreneur, has led a remarkable life journey marked by various accomplishments. Raised in Tuskegee, Alabama, his early inspirations stemmed from the Tuskegee airmen and local aviators, propelling him towards a path of excellence. After graduating from Tuskegee Institute in 1967, he served in the US Air Force as a fighter pilot during the Vietnam War, earning prestigious accolades such as the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal, and the Squadron Top Gun Award.

Following his military service, Bill Winston experienced a spiritual calling while working at IBM Corporation, leading to his transition into full-time ministry. He pursued theological education at Logos Bible School and briefly attended Oral Roberts University, preparing himself for his future role as a spiritual leader.

In 1988, Bill and his wife, Veronica Irene Brown, founded Living Word Christian Center in Chicago, starting as a small ministry that blossomed into a thriving non-denominational church with over 22,000 members in Forest Park, Illinois. Their media outreach, including weekly television and radio broadcasts through Bill Winston Ministries, has expanded their influence globally, spreading messages of faith and empowerment. Alongside their ministry work, their family legacy continues with three children and eight grandchildren, highlighting a life dedicated to faith, service, and inspiring others to pursue purpose and excellence.

Bill Winston’s net worth.

He has a net worth of $6 million.

Bill Winston’s social media handles: Twitter, Facebook & You Tube

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