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Amara Walker
Amara Walker

Amara Walker Biography

Amara Walker, born in Los Angeles, California, is a prominent American journalist known for her work as a news anchor on CNN. She co-anchors CNN This Morning Weekend and serves as a correspondent for the network. Walker joined CNN in 2014 and has since covered many breaking news stories.


Amara Walker, born on November 30, 1981, is 42 years old as of now.

Height and Weight

Walker has a height of approximately 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters). Her weight is reported to be around 62 kilograms (136 pounds).

Education background

Amara, a distinguished journalist, undertook her advanced education at the University of Southern California (USC). During her time at USC, she accomplished a double major, obtaining degrees in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science by 2003. Her education laid a strong groundwork for her journalistic career, merging hands-on media expertise with an extensive grasp of political matters and processes. This path of education demonstrates her dedication to comprehensive and knowledgeable reporting, as well as her capacity to address various subjects with depth and perceptiveness.


She is married to Thomas Walker. They tied the knot in April 2012. Thomas Walker is an otolaryngologist and facial plastic surgeon. The couple’s marriage took place in Austria. Together, Amara and Thomas have two children, though specific details about their children are not widely publicized.


Amara Walker, an esteemed American journalist and news anchor, initiated her career in broadcasting at KMIR-TV located in Palm Springs. By 2005, she had joined the team at WTVJ, an NBC affiliate in Miami, Florida, where she worked as both a news anchor and a reporter. Walker made a significant career move to CNN, starting as an anchor for CNN International in 2012. Her tenure at CNN International saw her emerge as a leading anchor for breaking news, covering a range of important international events.

In 2022, Walker stepped into a new role as the co-anchor of CNN’s “New Day Weekend,” succeeding Christi Paul. She shares this role with Victor Blackwell. Additionally, Walker is at the helm of CNN Newsroom on CNN Max, broadcasting on Mondays and Tuesdays from 8 a.m. ET. Her responsibilities at CNN have included extensive coverage of breaking news and participation in various major news stories.

Walker’s career path illustrates her remarkable development and adaptability as a journalist. She has transitioned from covering local news in Palm Springs to becoming a significant personality at an international news network like CNN. Her skills and on-screen presence have established her as a distinguished figure in the realm of broadcast journalism.

Amara Walker
American journalist


She has made significant achievements in her journalism career. As an anchor and correspondent for CNN, she has reported on major national and international stories. Some of her notable achievements include covering the capture and killing of Osama bin Laden, the 2012 Florida Republican primary, and the 2006 NBA championship. Walker’s work in covering the 2010 governor’s race in Florida is also a highlight of her career. Additionally, she has made contributions as a writer, notably for CNN This Morning Weekend with Victor Blackwell and Amara Walker (2023), New Day Weekend (2021), and CNN Newsroom (1989).


she receives between $85,000 and $95,000 per year.

Net Worth

Amara has an estimated net worth of approximately $1 million. This figure reflects her successful career in journalism, particularly her roles at CNN.

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