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Amanda Venegas
Amanda Venegas

Amanda Venegas Biography And Wiki

Amanda Venegas is a distinguished American journalist who began her tenure with KFSN-ABC 30 News in July 2012, significantly contributing to the station as a news anchor and reporter. Born and raised in the Valley, she is a Clovis High School graduate, who furthered her education at San Diego State University, earning a BA in Journalism.


Amanda Venegas may be in her early 30s or around 35 years old.


Amanda Venegas stands a height of 5 feet 6 inches.


Amanda Venegas is a well-known journalist who built a strong foundation for her career through her education. She grew up in the Valley and went to Clovis High School in Clovis, California. After finishing high school, Amanda went on to study journalism, which was her chosen career path, at San Diego State University. There, she got her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Journalism. This education gave her the skills and knowledge she needed for her journalism career. It shows how dedicated and committed she is to being excellent in journalism.


she values spending quality time with her family, including her husband, son, daughter, and their pug.


Amanda Venegas is married to a man named Jacob. Together, they have been blessed with three children: a son named Jake and two daughters, one of whom is named Cambria, born on July 30. The couple’s relationship and family life are occasionally shared by Amanda through social media and public announcements, reflecting their joy and love for their children.


Her family consists of her husband, Jacob, and their three children, including a son named Jacob Venegas and a daughter named Cambi Venegas. Amanda’s personal life, especially her role as a mother and wife, is an aspect she cherishes deeply. She has taken steps to balance her professional obligations with her commitment to her family, which led her to step away from the anchor desk after 11 years with ABC30.


Amanda Venegas built a remarkable career at KFSN-ABC 30, becoming well-known as a news anchor and reporter. She grew up in the Valley, graduated from Clovis High School, and got her BA in Journalism from San Diego State University. Amanda started working at ABC30 in July 2012, where she quickly became a key part of the morning news team. Throughout her time there, she showed great dedication and skill. However, in May 2023, after 11 years, Amanda decided to leave her job to spend more time with her family, showing her commitment to keeping a good balance between work and home life. Her leaving was a big moment for both the news station and her viewers, who valued her work.

Amanda Venegas
Amanda Venegas


Her salary ranges from approximately $31,300 to $125,000 annually.

Net Worth

She has accumulated a net worth estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. This financial achievement stems from her successful career as a journalist.

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