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Tim Ross
Tim Ross

Tim Ross biography

Tim Ross, a Christian author and former pastor, uses his unconventional background, including a past life as an atheist and a present battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, to deliver a fresh perspective on faith. Through books like “Upset the World” and his online presence as a podcaster and influencer, he challenges readers to see Christianity in a new light and actively pursue their purpose in life.

Tim Ross’s age and birthday

He has unfortunately not yet revealed details about his age or birthdate. We will update this tab once we have the data.

Tim Ross’s height and weight

He has a height of 1.56m and weighs 65kg.

Tim Ross
Tim Ross

Tim Ross educational background

Ross (the Christian author) possesses a well-rounded educational background that bridges the gap between religious studies and secular subjects. According to his LinkedIn profile, his academic journey began with a Bachelor’s degree from Milligan College, where he impressively obtained double majors in English and Bible studies. This dual focus likely instilled in him a strong foundation in both biblical knowledge and literary analysis.

Tim Ross furthered his theological education at Emmanuel Christian Seminary. Here, he earned a Master of Divinity in Christian Ministries, followed by a Doctor of Ministry in the same field. These degrees demonstrate his in-depth studies and training in the field of Christian ministry.

It’s also worth noting that his educational pursuits extended beyond these institutions. Tim Ross’s profile mentions coursework completed at Fuller Theological Seminary and UCLA.

Tim Ross spouse and children

Ross (the Christian author) is married to Juliette Ross. They were married on May 1, 1999,

Tim Ross career

Tim (the Christian author) has carved a unique path that blends ministry, writing, and online influence.

  • Ministry:
    Tim Ross served as a pastor for over two decades, leading multi-ethnic and multi-generational congregations. His background includes experience in traditional Methodist ministry as well. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome eventually led him to retire from formal pastoral work, but his passion for spreading faith continues.

  • Writing: Even while pastoring, Tim Ross found a voice as an author. He’s known for his engaging and unorthodox approach to Christianity, tackling themes of purpose and living a fulfilling life through faith. Books like “Upset the World” and “Welcome to the Basement” challenge readers to see their religion in a fresh light.

  • Online Presence: Tim Ross leverages the power of the internet to connect with a wider audience. He’s a podcaster, uses his show “The Basement” to discuss spirituality, current events, and personal stories in a way that resonates with a broad range of listeners. Social media is another platform where he shares his message and cultivates a community around his ideas.

Ross’s net worth and salary

He has a net worth of $4 million.

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