Unbreakable Legacy: Patricia Noah’s Journey from Johannesburg to Motherhood

Patricia Noah
Patricia Noah

Patricia Noah bio

Patricia Nombuyiselo Noah is a renowned South African woman known as the biological mother of Trevor Noah, the globally acclaimed comedian and host of “The Daily Show.” She currently resides in Johannesburg, South Africa. Patricia was born in South Africa to Temperance Noah and France Noah and belongs to the Xhosa community, a native group in South Africa. Despite encountering challenges, such as being an unwanted middle child, Patricia overcame adversity. She relocated to Johannesburg, aiming to forge a better future for herself and break free from the predetermined fate often faced by many black children. Patricia’s narrative is intertwined with Trevor’s journey to fame, highlighting her steadfast support, resilience, and inner strength.

When was Patricia Noah born?

Patricia Noah was born in Johannesburg, South Africa, on September 24, 1964.

Patricia Noah height and weight

She has a height of 1.6m and weighs 67kg.

Patricia Noah educational background

Missionary School in Transkei: Patricia’s educational journey began at a missionary school in Transkei, where she received a foundational education in reading and writing in English. This early exposure to language and literacy would prove to be instrumental in shaping her future endeavours.

Secretarial School in Soweto: At the age of 21, Patricia returned to Soweto and took a significant step forward by enrolling in a secretarial school. Here, she dedicated herself to refining her skills, including typing, which would become invaluable in her later pursuits.

Diversity Hiring in White Businesses: Despite the challenges posed by apartheid during the 1980s, Patricia was among the fortunate black individuals who benefited from diversity hiring initiatives in white-owned businesses. Through perseverance and determination, she secured employment and made meaningful contributions to her community.

Resilience and Influence: Patricia’s unwavering determination and ability to overcome obstacles exemplify her strength. Her educational journey not only equipped her with essential skills but also laid the foundation for her pivotal role as a supportive and influential figure in Trevor Noah’s life.

Patricia Noah
Patricia Noah

Patricia Noah spouse and children

Spouse and Children:

Patricia was married to Ngisaveni Abel Shingange. Unfortunately, their marriage was marred by abuse, leading Patricia to eventually leave the relationship after he attempted to kill her. They were parents to two children: Andrew Shingange and Isaac Shingange. The tumultuous marriage ended in divorce in 1996.

Trevor Noah:

Patricia gave birth to Trevor Noah on February 20, 1984, in Johannesburg. Trevor’s mother hails from the Xhosa community, a native South African group. His biological father, Robert, had Swiss/German ancestry. Trevor’s birth occurred during the apartheid era when interracial relationships were prohibited and punishable by law. He was essentially “born a crime,” a phrase later used as the title of his book that chronicles his experiences as a mixed-race child in South Africa during that turbulent period. Patricia took great care to protect Trevor from the discriminatory laws, hiding him during his childhood.

Andrew Shingange and Isaac Shingange:

Patricia’s other two sons, Andrew and Isaac, were born from her marriage to Abel Shingange. Trevor is Robert’s child, while Andrew and Isaac are Abel’s sons.

Patricia Noah parents and siblings

Patricia’s parents are Temperance Noah and Nomalizo Frances “Gogo” Noah. Temperance, her mother, characterized Patricia as a rebellious, stubborn, and mischievous child. Patricia faced a challenging upbringing, marked by estrangement from relatives and financial hardship. For 12 years, she lived apart from her parents, residing with her aunt in Transkei alongside 14 cousins from various families.

Patricia Noah’s Upbringing and Career

Early Challenges and Resilience:

Born in South Africa, Patricia grew up facing substantial obstacles. She was the middle child of Temperance Noah and France Noah, often described as rebellious and headstrong within her family dynamics. At just 9 years old, Patricia sought permission from her mother to live with her father. Despite her mother’s consent, her father sent her to live with her aunt in Transkei. Here, she shared a hut with 14 cousins from different parental backgrounds, forming a tight-knit group of children considered resilient yet economically disadvantaged. Driven to defy the predestined paths imposed on many black children (commonly referred to as the “black tax”), Patricia resolved to reshape her destiny.

Pursuit of Education and Independence:

Patricia acquired English language skills at a Transkei missionary school and undertook typing courses. At 21, she returned to Soweto, enrolling in a secretarial school. Despite apartheid-era barriers that limited opportunities for black women in secretary positions, Patricia secured a secretarial job in the Xhosa homeland. During this period, she gave birth to Trevor Noah on February 20, 1984, in Johannesburg. Trevor’s biological father, Robert, hailed from Swiss/German heritage. Patricia’s decision to shield Trevor during his childhood stemmed from apartheid laws that criminalized interracial relationships. Falling in love with someone of another race could lead to imprisonment for up to 5 years.

Entrepreneurship and Real Estate Ventures:

Embodying an entrepreneurial spirit, Patricia established a property firm in Johannesburg, becoming a thriving businesswoman through her real estate endeavours. Despite her son Trevor’s global acclaim as a comedian, writer, producer, and former host of “The Daily Show,” Patricia maintains her independence, actively managing her property business. Patricia Noah’s tenacity and determination have shaped her life journey, and her pivotal role as Trevor Noah’s mother remains an integral part of his inspirational narrative.

Patricia Noah’s net worth and salary

Despite being Trevor Noah’s mother, Patricia doesn’t solely depend on her son’s wealth; she has established her businesses, properties, and companies in South Africa, with an estimated net worth of approximately $4 million. Her independence and entrepreneurial spirit shine through, highlighting her resilience and determination to carve out success.

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