Manu Raju (American Journalist) Age, Bio, Career & Net Worth

Manu Raju
Manu Raju

Manu Raju bio

Manu Raju, born on February 9, 1980, is an accomplished American journalist serving as CNN’s chief congressional correspondent, specializing in United States Congress coverage and campaign politics. Additionally, he anchors CNN’s Inside Politics Sunday edition. Before his role at CNN, Raju held the position of senior Capitol Hill correspondent at Politico and contributed to various other D.C. news outlets. He has garnered multiple journalism awards for his insightful reporting on Washington, D.C., and his in-depth coverage of campaign politics.

When was Manu Raju born?

He was born on February 9, 1980.

Manu Raju height and weight

He has a height of 1.78m and weighs 74kg.

Manu Raju educational background

Raju completed his high school education at Hinsdale South High School, graduating in 1998. He continued his academic journey at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, earning a degree in business administration in 2002. While at the university, Raju took on the role of sports editor for The Badger Herald, a student newspaper, showcasing his early passion for journalism.

Manu Raju spouse and children

Raju is married to Archana Mehta, the founder and CEO of AM Strategies, a marketing agency. They crossed paths in 2005 and have since enjoyed an enduring marriage. Together, they are proud parents of twin children, a son named Sanjay Mehta and a daughter named Sonya Sushila, born on November 9, 2015.

Manu Raju
Manu Raju

Who are Manu Raju’s parents and siblings?

Manu, the son of Dr. Tonse N. K. Raju and Vidya Raju, grew up in a family of doctors. His father, Dr. Tonse N. K. Raju, is a neonatologist and previously held a professorship in paediatrics at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Manu also has a brother named Sharat Raju, who has made a name for himself as a film and television director.

Manu Raju’s career

Raju is an American journalist renowned for his role as the chief congressional correspondent at CNN, where he delves into United States Congress matters and campaign politics. Additionally, he hosts the Sunday edition of CNN’s Inside Politics with Manu Raju.

Raju’s journey in journalism began at WMTV in Madison, Wisconsin, where he honed his skills on the assignment desk. His move to Washington, D.C., in 2002 marked a pivotal moment as he joined Inside Washington Publishers, focusing on environmental policy. His career trajectory led him to notable positions at Congressional Quarterly, The Hill, and Politico, where he spent seven influential years before transitioning to CNN in September 2015.

Noteworthy for his adeptness at uncovering behind-the-scenes political discussions, Raju gained prominence during key events such as the 2013 government shutdown and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s notable reelection campaign in 2014.

Raju’s journalistic prowess has earned him numerous awards, particularly for his insightful coverage of D.C. affairs and campaign politics. He has moderated debates for significant elections, including the 2014 United States Senate election in Colorado and the Colorado gubernatorial election. Furthermore, Raju’s national TV interviews with prominent political figures such as Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Marco Rubio, John McCain, and Lindsey Graham have contributed to his distinguished reputation in political journalism.

Manu Raju’s net worth and salary

He has a net worth of $2 million and receives an annual salary of $12o,000.

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