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Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith Biography And Wiki

Jeff Smith is an acclaimed American cartoonist, born in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. He is most renowned for creating the self-published comic book series “Bone,” a highly influential work in the comics industry that combines whimsical humor, fantasy, and a rich narrative to craft a universally appealing saga. Smith’s journey in cartooning was significantly shaped by his early exposure to comic strips, comic books, and animated TV shows, fostering a deep passion for storytelling through art from a young age.


Jeff Smith, born on February 27, 1960, in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, is currently 63 years of age as of 2024.


Details about his physical attributes such as height are not publicly disclosed as of the current date.

Education Background

Jeff Smith, an acclaimed American cartoonist born on February 27, 1960, in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, is celebrated for his creation of the self-published comic book series Bone. Smith’s educational journey began at Thomas Worthington High School, after which he pursued higher education at Ohio State University. During his time at Ohio State University, Smith crafted a comic strip named Thorn for the student newspaper, The Lantern. This early work laid the foundation for what would eventually evolve into his renowned Bone series.

Wife and Marriage

Smith is married to Vijaya Iyer. Vijaya plays a crucial role in Smith’s career, not just as his wife but also as his business manager, handling the publishing aspects of his work. The couple got married on June 3, 1989, and have since been partners in both life and business. Smith’s life, including his relationship with Vijaya, has significantly influenced his work in comics, providing him with the support needed to pursue his creative endeavors.


Jeff Smith started his career with “Bone,” a comic series he made himself from 1991 to 2004. It mixed fantasy, adventure, and humor, telling the story of the Bone cousins in a made-up place called Boneville. “Bone” became very popular because of its unique art and story, changing the comic book world a lot.

Besides “Bone,” Jeff Smith created other important works like “Shazam! The Monster Society of Evil” for DC Comics, which gave a new twist to the superhero Captain Marvel, and “RASL,” a story about a thief who can jump between dimensions. He also wrote “Tüki Save the Humans,” about the first human’s adventures leaving Africa in the Ice Age. Jeff Smith has also spoken up for the importance of comics and graphic novels in art. He’s dedicated to making complex stories easy to understand for everyone, especially young readers.

Jeff Smith’s work has greatly influenced the comic and graphic novel industry. His creativity and commitment have inspired many new artists and readers, making him a very important figure in the world of comics.

Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith


Smith’s accomplishments feature securing 20 prestigious Harvey and Eisner awards, showcasing his remarkable skill and influence in his field. He has been honored with the Eisner Awards, known as the comic industry’s equivalent of the Oscars, 10 times, emphasizing his superior storytelling and artistic skills. Moreover, he has also earned 10 Harvey Awards, distinguished awards given through the voting of industry peers.

Net Worth

Jeff’s net worth is currently estimated at around $5 million. This figure is probably indicative of his income from comic sales, possible royalties from various adaptations, and his significant influence on the comics and graphic novels industry.

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