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Hena Doba
Hena Doba

Hena Doba (cheddar) Bio

A Pakistani-American broadcast journalist, Hena Doba, boasts a richly varied experience in the media sector. Renowned for her contributions as a correspondent at CBS News, she has garnered attention for her impactful work on the network. Notably, she assumed substantial roles at CBS, transitioning from a national correspondent to anchoring “The National Desk with Hena Doba.”

Hena Doba Age and birthday

Hena Doba was born in Queens, New York, USA, on December 4, 1977.


Doba’s height measures 5 feet 4 inches (1.64 meters).

Education Background

Hena Doba attended the University at Buffalo, where she obtained dual Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and English. While initially considering a career in psychology, Doba found her true calling in journalism during her time contributing to The Spectrum, the university’s school newspaper.

Nationality Background

Doba is a first-generation Pakistani American who grew up speaking Urdu, taught by her parents. Her upbringing took her through diverse neighborhoods across Queens and New York, including Jamaica, Elmhurst, College Point, Rosedale, and Jackson Heights.


Hena Doba is married to Andrew Ronald Doba, with their wedding taking place on January 23, 2016, at the Society Room in Hartford. Andrew Doba formerly held the role of chief spokesperson for the governor of Connecticut. The couple first crossed paths in December 2013 at WFSB, a CBS affiliate station located in Hartford, where Hena was employed as a National Correspondent.


Hena Doba is a renowned American journalist celebrated for her coverage of finance and politics. She made a significant impact at CBS News before transitioning to Cheddar News in January 2019, a network renowned for its innovative approach to delivering news on technology, media, and entertainment, particularly appealing to younger audiences.

At Cheddar, Doba delves into critical subjects, hosting shows that tackle environmental issues, COVID-19 updates, and news summaries. Moreover, she shines a spotlight on the accomplishments of women in tech, finance, and entertainment, championing their successes in these spheres. Doba’s decision to move from CBS to Cheddar reflects her openness to change and her desire to stay at the forefront of the evolving landscape of news media.

Throughout her career, Doba has demonstrated a willingness to make bold choices and break down barriers in journalism, serving as an inspiration to others aspiring to follow in her footsteps. Her trailblazing efforts pave the way for a new generation of journalists, illustrating the power of determination and innovation in the field.

Hena Doba
Hena Doba


Doba’s attendance at the Top Women in Media Awards underscores her influential impact as a transformative on-air personality. She earned an Emmy award for outstanding team coverage of the Newtown Tragedy, further establishing her reputation in the field. Additionally, the Associated Press has repeatedly recognized Doba’s versatility and expertise. They have  honored her with awards for Best Spot News, Best Breaking News, and Best Sports Feature. These accolades highlight her adaptability across various reporting categories and reaffirm her standing as a distinguished figure in journalism.


Hena Doba has an average salary of $120,000 per year.


Hena Doba’s net worth is around $1 million. This is a testament to her success and extensive experience in the realm of television reporting and journalism.

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