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Ethan Anka
Ethan Anka

Ethan Anka Biography And Wiki

Ethan Anka is well recognized as the son of the legendary Canadian-American singer Paul Anka and his second wife, Anna Anka, a Swedish-American model, actress, and author. Born on September 22, 2005, in the United States, Ethan has been in the spotlight primarily due to his famous parents.


Ethan Anka was born on September 22, 2005, making him 18 years old as of 2024.


Anka stands at approximately 5 feet 2 inches tall (about 1.57 meters).

Education Background

Ethan Anka was a student at Fisher Park High School, where he engaged in extracurricular music activities, notably as a member of a vocal group called the Bobby Soxers. His time at Fisher Park High School reflects an early immersion in the arts, likely fostering his artistic skills from a young age. This detail about his education and background sheds light on Ethan’s early life, illustrating a combination of academic pursuits and musical involvement.


Ethan Anka is an American national, as evidenced by his educational and familial background.


Ethan Anka, born to Paul Anka and Anna Anka, comes from a distinguished background. His father, Paul, is a celebrated singer, songwriter, and actor in the Canadian-American music scene, with global sales exceeding 100 million records. His mother, Anna, a model, actress, and author of Swedish-American descent, became well-known after featuring in the reality series “Svenska Hollywoodfruar” (Swedish Hollywood Wives).

Ethan Anka
Ethan Anka


He has half-sisters named Amanda Anka, an actress married to Jason Bateman, and Alexandra Anka. His other sisters are Amelia, Anthea, and Alicia Anka. Ethan Anka is part of a family closely connected to the entertainment world, showing a mix of different skills and backgrounds.


Ethan has garnered media attention as the son of Paul Anka and Anna Anka, details regarding his own career are sparse. This suggests that Ethan, still young and exploring life’s possibilities, has yet to establish a distinct professional path separate from the celebrity of his parents. Given his age, Ethan’s career choices and future endeavors remain open, with potential developments in various fields depending on his interests and aspirations.

Net Worth

Ethan Anka’s net worth is not publicly disclosed, reflecting his status as a private individual and the son of celebrities rather than a public figure with a self-earned income.

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