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Dan Nathan

Who is Dan Nathan?

Dan Nathan is a recognized figure in the finance and media industry, primarily known for his work on CNBC. As a weekly panelist on CNBC’s “Options Action,” a show dedicated to equity options trading, Nathan has made a name for himself among investors and traders alike. Additionally, he appears frequently on “Fast Money,” further solidifying his reputation in financial commentary. Beyond his media presence, Dan Nathan is the principal of RiskReversal Advisors, which he founded in 2016.


Dan Nathan, the principal of RiskReversal Advisors, was born on September 20, 1966, in Syracuse, New York, United States of America. As of 2023, he is 57 years old. His birth sign is Virgo.


Dan stands a height of 5 feet and 7 inches tall (170 cm) And weighs a moderate weight.


Dan Nathan went to the University of Pennsylvania, an important and respected school. This school helped him a lot to become a well-known financial expert and TV personality. His studies there, especially in finance and economics, made him good at analyzing financial markets. Coming from Syracuse, New York, going to this university was a big step for him. It helped him get to where he is now, leading RiskReversal Advisors and appearing on TV shows like CNBC’s “Options Action” and “Fast Money.”


Nathan has referenced siblings in his social media posts. An Instagram post from October 23, 2023, mentioned by Nathan, describes an “Epic NYC weekend with parents, siblings, kids, nieces/nephews, cousins and my Fast…” This suggests that Dan Nathan does have siblings, although specific details about the number of siblings, their names, or their occupations are not publicly disclosed.

Dan Nathan

Wife and Marriage

Dan has managed to keep most of his personal life private mostly his marital status.


Nathan has worked in finance for 28 years, mainly trading stocks and options. He started at big investment firms like SAC Capital and Cheyne Capital, where he got good at trading. In 2016, he started his own company, RiskReversal Advisors, to give advice to banks, investment advisors, and companies, using his deep knowledge of trading and the market.

Nathan is also well-known on TV. He talks about stock trading on CNBC shows like “Options Action” and “Fast Money,” sharing his views on market trends and how to trade. His background in trading at hedge funds, especially his time working with famous trader Stevie Cohen, helped him a lot in his career. This experience laid the groundwork for his later roles giving financial advice and appearing on TV.

He went from being a trader at hedge funds to giving financial advice and talking about finance on TV and online. This shows his broad knowledge and ability to reach different audiences, from private investors to the general public. Dan Nathan is a key voice in financial analysis and advice today, thanks to his long experience in trading and understanding of the markets.

Net worth

As of 2024, his estimated net worth ranges from $1 million to $5 million. His financial success is attributed to his career.

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